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205 cemeteries found in QLD
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Albany CreekFaheys Road East, Albany CreekQLD360288(complete to 2012-08-05)
AlbertonZipfs Road, AlbertonQLD125125(complete to 2009-07-31)
Allora GeneralAllora-Clifton Road, AlloraQLD1,4911,489(complete to 2007-02-28)
AlmadenBurke Developmental Road, AlmadenQLD2626(complete to 2010-07-17)
AlphaAlpha Cemetery Road, AlphaQLD340339(complete to 2010-09-20)
AmbySpringfield Access Road, AmbyQLD2727(complete to 2007-05-31)
AnakieAnakie Sapphire Road, AnakieQLD8566(complete to 2010-06-30)
AramacMuttaburra-Aramac Road, AramacQLD416414(complete to 2010-09-21)
Aratula LutheranCarter Road, AratulaQLD77(complete to 2011-01-29)
ArrilalahJundah Road, ArrilalahQLD4343(complete to 2010-11-01)
Atherton Pioneer310 Herberton Road, AthertonQLD205205(complete to 2009-09-30)
Ayr GeneralBruce Highway, AyrQLD783783(partial listing)
Back PlainsNaumann Road, Back PlainsQLD6262(complete to 2007-03-31)
BajoolMills Street, BajoolQLD5046(complete to 2007-03-25)
BeaudesertBoundary Street, BeaudesertQLD1,9751,975(complete to 2010-09-11)
BeerburrumOff Beerburrum Road BeerburrumQLD1418(complete to 2009-09-07)
BeerwahRoys Road, BeerwahQLD183183(complete to 2009-09-07)
BogantunganLong Street, BogantunganQLD5149(complete to 2010-07-31)
Bollon General BollonQLD15594(complete to 2007-03-31)
BouliaDiamantina Development Road, BouliaQLD116117(complete to 2010-09-24)
Bowen GeneralRichmond Road, BowenQLD710705(partial listing)
Caboolture GeneralKing Street, CabooltureQLD2,0752,075(complete to 2012-05-19)
Cairns PioneerMcLeod Street, CairnsQLD2,5022,496(complete to 2011-08-06)
CalciferCalcifer Road, CalciferQLD48(complete to 2011-09-24)
CanungraBeaudesert Nerang Road, CanungraQLD262262(complete to 2010-05-06)
CardwellGregory Street, CardwellQLD351351(complete to 2011-10-29)
Carrington Old173 Hastie Road, AthertonQLD44(complete to 2009-09-30)
CawarralHelena Lane, CawarralQLD 2323(complete to 2010-09-19)
CharlestonCharleston Cemetery Road, ForsaythQLD99(complete to 2010-04-25)
Charleville GeneralOff Francis Street, CharlevilleQLD2,6352,634(complete to 2007-05-31)
Charters Towers PioneerWest Street, Charters TowersQLD343343(complete to 2010-11-03)
Chillagoe GeneralCemetery Road, ChillagoeQLD526526(complete to 2010-07-17)
Clifton GeneralCemetery Road, CliftonQLD1,0091,007(complete to 2007-02-28)
Cloncurry ChineseFlinders Highway, CloncurryQLD6969(complete to 2010-07-31)
Cloncurry GeneralSir Hudson Fysh Drive, CloncurryQLD604604(complete to 2010-07-24)
Cloncurry LawnSir Hudson Fysh Drive, CloncurryQLD604604(complete to 2010-07-25)
Coalstoun LakesGlenview Street, Coalstoun LakesQLD132136(complete to 2010-08-29)
Collingwood QLDDiamantina River Road WintonQLD88(complete to 2014-05-09)
Collinsville Generaloff Scottville Road, CollinsvilleQLD320319(partial listing)
CometMacArthur Street, CometQLD158158(complete to 2011-12-30)
Condamine Newoff Leichhardt Highway, CondamineQLD5050(complete to 2007-06-30)
Cooktown GeneralMcIvor Road, CooktownQLD725724(complete to 2010-06-20)
Coolgarra NewOff Irvinebank Road, via Mount GarnetQLD1013(complete to 2011-07-23)
Coolgarra OldOff Irvinebank Road, via Mount GarnetQLD22(complete to 2011-08-15)
Coomeraoff Foxwell Road, CoomeraQLD153157(complete to 2009-07-08)
CopperfieldClermont-Rubyvale Road, CopperfieldQLD310310(complete to 2011-04-18)
CroydonClarafield Road, CroydonQLD202200(complete to 2010-05-22)
Croydon OldOld Cemetery Road, CroydonQLD44(complete to 2010-05-22)
Cumkillenbar HistoricCumkillenbar Lane, KaimkillenbunQLD2222(complete to 2009-10-31)
Cunnamulla GeneralBurrenbilla Road, CunnamullaQLD660658(complete to 2007-05-15)
Cunnamulla LawnBurrenbilla Road, CunnamullaQLD665665(complete to 2007-05-15)
Dagworth HotelOld Winton Road, via KynunaQLD66(complete to 2011-05-24)
DajarraDiamantina Development Road, DajarraQLD1212(complete to 2010-09-24)
DimbulahLower Sandy Creek Road, DimbulahQLD169170(complete to 2010-07-18)
Dirranbandi GeneralSt George River Road, DirranbandiQLD335334(complete to 2007-04-09)
Dogwoodoff Hawkins Street MilesQLD1616(complete to 2007-06-30)
Drayton and Toowoomba452 South St HarristownQLD20,93012,908(partial listing)
Dutton Park General Part A181 Annerley Road, Dutton ParkQLD24,7439,054(complete to 2008-12-31)
Dutton Park General Part B181 Annerley Road, Dutton ParkQLD11,5804,388(complete to 2008-12-31)
Eden Gardens LawnWilli Street, WarwickQLD1,1570(partial listing)
EinasleighCemetery Road, EinasleighQLD2425(complete to 2010-04-25)
EmeraldPark Avenue, EmeraldQLD17032(partial listing)
Emu ParkEmu Park - Rockhampton Road, Emu ParkQLD387387(complete to 2011-12-27)
Eulo General EuloQLD1919(complete to 2007-05-15)
EumundiGolden Rain Lane, EumundiQLD332376(complete to 2010-08-25)
EvelynTumoulin Road, RavenshoeQLD44(complete to 2009-09-30)
EvergreenHaden Maclagan Road, EvergreenQLD402401(complete to 2010-01-31)
ForsaythOff Forsayth Road, ForsaythQLD3131(complete to 2010-04-25)
GeorgetownCemetery Road, GeorgetownQLD139142(complete to 2010-04-25)
Gleneagle CatholicMount Lindesay Highway, GleneagleQLD646650(complete to 2010-05-30)
Gracemere GeneralFisher Street, GracemereQLD369371(complete to 2008-04-16)
HampdenOff Bruce Highway, HampdenQLD2222(complete to 2010-08-19)
Headington Hill LutheranCarey Road, Headington HillQLD44(complete to 2007-02-13)
HebelCastlereagh Highway, HebelQLD2828(complete to 2007-04-10)
Herberton GeneralSyme Road, HerbertonQLD770769(complete to 2009-09-12)
HodgsonHodgson Lane North, HodgsonQLD6363(complete to 2007-06-07)
Home Hill GeneralCnr Fourth St & Burdekin Rd, Home HillQLD1,8741,874(complete to 2011-07-31)
IlfracombeCemetery Road, IlfracombeQLD150151(complete to 2010-08-01)
InnisfailScullen Ave InnisfailQLD1,5441,170(complete to 2014-08-08)
IrvinebankCemetery Road, IrvinebankQLD126128(complete to 2009-08-31)
Isisfordoff St Helena Street, IsisfordQLD496496(complete to 2010-09-21)
Jackson JacksonQLD2525(complete to 2007-06-30)
JambinBurnett Highway, JambinQLD4548(complete to 2008-09-30)
JeebropillyStone Quarry Road, JeebropillyQLD276276(complete to 2012-04-16)
JerichoLyons Street, JerichoQLD218215(complete to 2010-07-31)
Julia CreekOld Normanton Road, Julia CreekQLD471301(complete to 2010-11-02)
JundahJundah - Quilpie Road JundahQLD8889(complete to 2011-05-22)
Kerry CatholicKerry Road, KerryQLD172172(complete to 2010-05-30)
KingsboroughThornborough-Kingsborough Road, KingsboroughQLD55(complete to 2009-09-30)
KoorbooraBurke Developmental Road, AlmadenQLD2626(complete to 2010-07-17)
Kumbia GeneralCemetery Road, KumbiaQLD209209(complete to 2010-01-31)
Kumbia LutheranKumbia Back Road, KumbiaQLD4948(complete to 2010-01-31)
KurandaCemetery Access Road, KurandaQLD231233(complete to 2010-05-31)
Kynunaoff Landsborough Highway, KynunaQLD8712(complete to 2010-10-31)
LauraOff Peninsular Developmental Road, LauraQLD1919(complete to 2010-06-21)
Lonely Graves QLDVarious Locations QLD106105(partial listing)
Longreach GeneralRaven Road, LongreachQLD1,3381,338(complete to 2010-08-02)
Lower Coomeraoff Foxwell Road, CoomeraQLD153157(complete to 2009-07-08)
MalandaTopaz Road, MalandaQLD9696(complete to 2009-09-30)
MareebaDimbulah Road MareebaQLD00
Mareeba PioneerCostin Street, MareebaQLD874873(complete to 2009-11-30)
Maroochy GeneralCordwell Road, YandinaQLD387387(complete to 2010-04-22)
MaryvaleDays Road, MaryvaleQLD77(complete to 2012-04-16)
McKinlayoff Toolebuc McKinlay Road, McKinlayQLD5253(complete to 2010-11-02)
McLeod StreetMcLeod Street, CairnsQLD2,5022,496(complete to 2011-08-06)
Meandarra MeandarraQLD6868(complete to 2007-06-17)
MemerambiMemerambi Cemetery Road, MemerambiQLD469473(complete to 2010-09-04)
MiddletonKennedy Developmental Road, MiddletonQLD910(complete to 2010-09-24)
Miles GeneralHookswood Road, MilesQLD1,4091,407(complete to 2007-06-30)
Miles OldRacecourse Road, MilesQLD4343(complete to 2007-06-30)
Millaa MillaaTheresa Creek Road, Millaa MillaaQLD6969(complete to 2009-09-30)
MingelaBurdekin Falls Dam Road, MingelaQLD2020(complete to 2010-11-03)
Miscellaneous Inscriptions QLDFrom various cemeteries, QLD237221(partial listing)
Mitchell GeneralCnr Eton & Alice Streets, MitchellQLD1,0681,065(complete to 2007-05-31)
Moggill HistoricMoggill Road, BellbowrieQLD8985(complete to 2008-09-30)
Mondure LutheranOff Mondure Wheatlands Road, MondureQLD1519(complete to 2010-09-02)
Montalbion NewIrvinebank - Petford Road, IrvinebankQLD11(complete to 2011-07-21)
Montalbion PioneerOff Herberton-Petford Road, MontalbionQLD55(complete to 2009-09-15)
Mooloolah GeneralGlass House Mountains Road, MooloolahQLD708708(complete to 2009-09-09)
Morven GeneralCemetery Road, MorvenQLD178178(complete to 2006-12-31)
Mount CarbineCemetery Road, Mount CarbineQLD1416(complete to 2010-06-18)
Mount GarnetCemetery Road, Mount GarnetQLD161159(complete to 2009-09-03)
Mount Larcom General47 Popenia Road, Mount LarcomQLD356241(complete to 2009-09-30)
Mount MolloyBakers Road, Mount MolloyQLD171108(complete to 2009-10-31)
Mount Morgan GeneralEast Street South Mount MorganQLD1,4431,436(partial listing)
Mount MulliganWason Street, Mount MulliganQLD138178(complete to 2009-09-30)
Mount Surprise MemorialGulf Development Road, Mount SurpriseQLD2022(complete to 2010-04-24)
Mt CarbineCemetery Road, Mount CarbineQLD1416(complete to 2010-06-18)
Mt GarnetCemetery Road, Mount GarnetQLD161159(complete to 2009-09-03)
Mt Larcom General47 Popenia Road, Mount LarcomQLD356241(complete to 2009-09-30)
Mt MolloyBakers Road, Mount MolloyQLD171108(complete to 2009-10-31)
Mt Morgan GeneralEast Street South Mount MorganQLD1,4431,436(partial listing)
Mt MulliganWason Street, Mount MulliganQLD138178(complete to 2009-09-30)
Mt Surprise MemorialGulf Development Road, Mount SurpriseQLD2022(complete to 2010-04-24)
MudgeerabaMudgeeraba Road, MudgeerabaQLD1,0521,052(complete to 2009-07-31)
MungallalaTorwood Road, MungallalaQLD9595(complete to 2007-05-31)
MunganaOff Bourke Developmental Road, Mungana via ChillagoeQLD46(complete to 2011-10-13)
NanangoCairns Street, NanangoQLD1,6261,625(complete to 2010-08-30)
NerangMylor Street, NerangQLD500500(complete to 2010-04-15)
Nobby GeneralMount Kent Boundary Rd, NobbyQLD167168(complete to 2007-01-24)
NymboolNymbool Road, Mount GarnetQLD23(complete to 2011-08-29)
PaddingtonCastlemaine Street, MiltonQLD66928(complete to 2009-09-09)
ParkhouseVeivers Road, WolffdeneQLD104104(complete to 2010-08-21)
PeachesterCemetery Road, CrohamhurstQLD145162(complete to 2010-08-24)
PentlandHunt Street, PentlandQLD5556(complete to 2011-12-04)
PimpamaService Road, PimpamaQLD341346(partial listing)
Pimpama Island124 Behms Road, NorwellQLD417416(partial listing)
Pine HillOff Capricorn Highway, Pine HillQLD33(complete to 2011-05-17)
Prairieoff Flinders Highway, PrairieQLD4444(complete to 2010-07-31)
PrattenLester Street, PrattenQLD8696(complete to 2012-04-14)
Proston General CemeteryProston Boondooma Road, ProstonQLD354354(complete to 2010-09-02)
QuilpieOff Developmental Road, QuilpieQLD390390(complete to 2011-05-21)
RaglanHourigan Creek Road, RaglanQLD8484(complete to 2007-03-23)
Ravenshoe GeneralCemetery Road, RavenshoeQLD454453(complete to 2009-07-31)
RavenswoodCemetery Road, RavenswoodQLD311311(complete to 2010-11-03)
Richmond GeneralBurke Street, RichmondQLD302303(complete to 2011-05-25)
Richmond LawnBurke Street, RichmondQLD127127(complete to 2011-05-25)
Richmond PioneerFlinders Highway, RichmondQLD300300(complete to 2010-09-26)
RollestonWarrijo Street, RollestonQLD6060(complete to 2011-05-19)
Roma GeneralLewis Street, RomaQLD3,7573,757(complete to 2007-06-30)
Rosewood DiggingsOff Rosewood-Mycarbah Road, Morinish SouthQLD1313(complete to 2011-05-15)
RubyvaleRubyvale Capella Road, RubyvaleQLD7941(complete to 2010-09-20)
Russian Inscriptions Mount LarcomQLD2223(partial listing)
Sandhills HistoricJoskeleigh Road, Keppel SandsQLD2533(complete to 2010-01-31)
SapphireLot 47 River Road, SapphireQLD6829(complete to 2010-09-20)
SellheimFlinders Hwy Charters TowersQLD474(complete to 2014-02-16)
Sherwood AnglicanSherwood Rd & Egmont St, SherwoodQLD1,3271,325(complete to 2006-10-31)
South Brisbane General Part A181 Annerley Road, Dutton ParkQLD24,7439,054(complete to 2008-12-31)
South Brisbane General Part B181 Annerley Road, Dutton ParkQLD11,5804,388(complete to 2008-12-31)
Southport Lawn CemeteryMelia Court, SouthportQLD1,2501,264(partial listing)
St George GeneralCarnarvon Highway, St GeorgeQLD1,4191,419(complete to 2007-04-12)
St LawrenceMalcolm Street, St LawrenceQLD115117(complete to 2010-08-20)
Stannary HillsStannary Hills Road, IrvinebankQLD6464(complete to 2009-08-15)
Stanwell15 Earl Street, StanwellQLD142142(complete to 2010-01-31)
Stone QuarryStone Quarry Road, JeebropillyQLD276276(complete to 2012-04-16)
Stonehengeoff Stratford Street, StonehengeQLD1919(complete to 2010-07-15)
Surat GeneralIvan Street SuratQLD427426(complete to 2007-06-30)
Swan Creek AnglicanSwan Creek School Road, Swan CreekQLD7777(complete to 2011-01-31)
Taabinga Lutheran8965 Bunya Highway, TaabingaQLD4545(complete to 2010-01-31)
TabletopClothilda Road, CroydonQLD44(complete to 2010-05-22)
Tamrookum AnglicanTamrookum Church Road, TamrookumQLD160164(complete to 2010-05-30)
Tara GeneralSara Street, TaraQLD589589(complete to 2007-03-15)
ThallonWilliam Street, ThallonQLD99(complete to 2007-07-20)
The GumsOff Tara Road, The GumsQLD4242(complete to 2007-06-16)
ThornboroughThornborough Road, ThornboroughQLD4040(complete to 2009-09-30)
TingooraCemetery Road, TingooraQLD147147(complete to 2010-01-31)
ToompineQuilpie-Thargomindah Road, ToompineQLD55(complete to 2011-05-21)
Toorak Station Private CemeteryCoolreagh Station Julia CreekQLD78(complete to 2013-10-01)
Torrens CreekBedford Street, Torrens CreekQLD1718(complete to 2010-08-03)
Tumoulin PioneerRacecourse Road, TumoulinQLD1011(complete to 2009-08-08)
Upper Caboolture UnitingCaboolture River Road, Upper CabooltureQLD172174(complete to 2010-07-31)
Upper Coomera Cemetery Road, Upper CoomeraQLD201205(complete to 2009-07-31)
Warra GeneralOff Warrego Highway, WarraQLD160159(complete to 2008-04-30)
Watsonville PioneerOff Herberton Petford Road, WatsonvilleQLD97130(complete to 2009-08-15)
WestwoodWestwood Cemetery Road, WestwoodQLD2627(complete to 2010-08-22)
Windorahoff Cecil Street, WindorahQLD4141(complete to 2011-05-22)
Winton QLDCork St WintonQLD2,6321,188(complete to 2014-04-05)
WonglepongMundoolan Connection Road, WonglepongQLD8585(complete to 2010-05-06)
Woodhill QLDHiscock Road, WoodhillQLD469469(complete to 2010-05-26)
WowanWowan Cemetery Road, WowanQLD113117(complete to 2010-10-24)
Wyandra WyandraQLD1818(complete to 2007-05-19)
Yandina GeneralCordwell Road, YandinaQLD387387(complete to 2010-04-22)
Yangan Presbyterian49 King Street, YanganQLD7578(complete to 2011-01-31)
Yuleba GeneralOff Warrego Highway YulebaQLD194194(complete to 2007-12-31)
YungaburraMulgrave Road, YungaburraQLD249248(complete to 2010-12-05)

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