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Glen Alice Cemetery stands on ground given by the owner of Glen Alice Station, John McLean, for a Presbyterian Church, manse and cemetery in the 1860s. It includes that area occupied by the grave of his young daughter who died in 1845. The ground was surveyed in 1873 and formally dedicated in 1875. It was designed to incorporate denominational areas, some of which are now difficult to define.

The cemetery has enjoyed considerable restoration work in recent times by a local group that has re-established and repaired fallen and broken stones and cleaned others to enable them to be clearly read. This work has so far been concentrated in the Presbyterian portion where most of the historic headstones are to be found. When we visited it, the cemetery was in tidy condition with the grass mown. There are no facilities.

This list was compiled from digital images and notes that Jean and I made of every visible grave monument on 14 August 2002. We also referred to the NSW index of births, deaths and marriages and to the death and funeral announcements and obituaries published by the Mudgee Guardian & Gulgong Advertiser for additional information.

From Rylstone, take the Glen Alice Road for approximately 35km to the village of Glen Alice. The cemetery is on the southern side of the road next to the Presbyterian Church.

The administration of the cemetery, which has been heritage listed, was transferred from the abolished Rylstone Shire Council to the City of Lithgow Council in 2005. Contact council at PO Box 19 Lithgow NSW 2790; phone: 02 6354 9999; email: council@lithgow.nsw.gov.au





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