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Shannon Cemetery (Shannon Methodist Cemetery)Daniel Road, Calomba SA 550186

86 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
?Catherine Hosking1818?27 Jun 190890Shannon Cemetery SA
BaileyCharles1862?25 Oct 1916?54h/ElizabethShannon Cemetery SA
BaileyElizabeth1869?22 Feb 191748w/CharlesShannon Cemetery SA
BakerChristopher Leslie1976?1976?0Shannon Cemetery SA
BakerClarence Bertram1897?18 Jul 195356h/NellShannon Cemetery SA
BakerNell1899?19 Oct 197980w/Clarence BertramShannon Cemetery SA
ClarkClarence Herbert1901194342?h/JoyceShannon Cemetery SA
ClarkGeorge Frederick1865?18 Jul 193873h/Rose ClarkShannon Cemetery SA
ClarkRose1869?3 Apr 194273w/George FrederickShannon Cemetery SA
CrouchMayJun 1900?29 Jan 19010Shannon Cemetery SA
DaviesClarissa Jemima1879?3 Oct 196889w/Ernest WilliamShannon Cemetery SA
DaviesErnest William1877?9 Jan 195174h/Clarissa JemimaShannon Cemetery SA
DaviesMuriel Frances Gladys1913?25 Aug 196956Shannon Cemetery SA
GaleAllan George1908?2 Sep 199183h/Ruby OliveShannon Cemetery SA
GaleRuby Olive1908?28 Oct 199789w/Allan GeorgeShannon Cemetery SA
JenkinBruce16 Aug 192928 Dec 198859h/Cynthia RuthShannon Cemetery SA
JenkinEliza Susan1868?27 Jun 194476w/JohnShannon Cemetery SA
JenkinGlen Edward10 Jul 192723 May 199264h/Jean WinifredShannon Cemetery SA
JenkinHilda Gracew/Thomas RoyShannon Cemetery SA
JenkinJean Winifred19 Apr 192514 Feb 201084w/Glen EdwardShannon Cemetery SA
JenkinJohn1858?1 Feb 195698h/Eliza SusanShannon Cemetery SA
JenkinMargery Selina1889?20 Dec 1989100Shannon Cemetery SA
JenkinMervyn Ron1899?31 Dec 198384h/Sylvia AnnShannon Cemetery SA
JenkinSylvia Ann1919?14 Oct 199980w/Mervyn RonShannon Cemetery SA
JenkinTerry John15 Dec 19569 Jan 200750son/Bruce & Cynthia RuthShannon Cemetery SA
JenkinThomas Roy1890?20 Nov 195060h/Hilda GraceShannon Cemetery SA
JohnsonArthur Henry1873?23 Nov 1959?86h/Lilian EllenShannon Cemetery SA
JohnsonEdith EmilyMay 1876Aug 195276w/Ernest GeorgeShannon Cemetery SA
JohnsonErnest GeorgeJul 1871Oct 194675h/Edith EmilyShannon Cemetery SA
JohnsonGeorge N1846?15 Aug 193084h/Mellicent BlancheShannon Cemetery SA
JohnsonHoward Elias25 Feb 190218 Feb 19041son/Arthur Henry & Lilian EllenShannon Cemetery SA
JohnsonIvy Sainsbury6 Jul 19135 Oct 193421dau/Arthur Henry & Lilian EllenShannon Cemetery SA
JohnsonLilian Ellen1876?5 Aug 191337w/Arthur HenryShannon Cemetery SA
JohnsonMellicent Blanche1844?16 Jun 192581w/George NShannon Cemetery SA
LaintollWayne Patrick (Langers)7 May 198216 Jul 200018son/Pat & DaisyShannon Cemetery SA
LawrieCaroline6 May 18515 Jan 192068w/Robert DunlopShannon Cemetery SA
LawrieFrank Lindsay21 Dec 18863 Jan 192033son/Robert Dunlop & CarolineShannon Cemetery SA
LawrieRobert Dunlop1850?26 Nov 1917?67h/CarolineShannon Cemetery SA
LawrieRobert DunlopJun 1891?5 Dec 18910son/Robert Dunlop & CarolineShannon Cemetery SA
LookerAmy E Nesta1897?17 Aug 197376Shannon Cemetery SA
MarshmanBenjamin1850?14 Sep 190555h/MargaretShannon Cemetery SA
MarshmanMargaret1850?11 Jul 189141w/BenjaminShannon Cemetery SA
MayCathrine Leah1880?3 Jul 196282w/Robert MayShannon Cemetery SA
MayRobert1879?4 Feb 196990h/Cathrine LeahShannon Cemetery SA
McArdleBenedict Bernard11 Jul 189212 Dec 196674h/Edith Ruby DorisShannon Cemetery SA
McArdleBevan7 Feb 196620 Feb 199428son/Bevan Dean & Erika Sabine; h/KerrynShannon Cemetery SA
McArdleBevan Dean (Henry)10 May 193623 Feb 199659h/Erika SabineShannon Cemetery SA
McArdleEdith Ruby Doris2 Sep 189627 Sep 196064w/Benedict BernardShannon Cemetery SA
McArdleJohn Burnard12 Dec 194828 Feb 199950h/June (Clegg)Shannon Cemetery SA
McArdleJune8 Aug 195719 Sep 199841w/John BurnardShannon Cemetery SA
McArdleKevin Royce1925?4 Jun 199469h/Melva AliceShannon Cemetery SA
McArdleMelva Alice1924?2 Sep 200480w/Kevin RoyceShannon Cemetery SA
McArdle (Stewart)Tanya Barbara20 Mar 196910 Jun 199526w/GavinShannon Cemetery SA
McDonaldJames1856?12 Jan 192064h/Winifred MaudeShannon Cemetery SA
McDonaldMalcolm LloydeJul 1903?2 Sep 19030son/James & Winifred MaudeShannon Cemetery SA
McDonaldWinifred Maude1884?9 Jan 191733w/JamesShannon Cemetery SA
NichollsAvis Muriel20 Apr 191828 Jun 200991dau/William Henry & Caroline EdnaShannon Cemetery SA
NobleDavid Glen1937?6 Dec 1988?51h/NitaShannon Cemetery SA
ParkerCaroline Edna1892?1 Jan 195765w/William HenryShannon Cemetery SA
ParkerHugh Kelly1897?28 Mar 195962spouse/OliveShannon Cemetery SA
ParkerOlive1898?4 Nov 197678spouse/Hugh KellyShannon Cemetery SA
ParkerRaymond Hugh1924?21 Nov 197046son/Hugh Kelly & OliveShannon Cemetery SA
ParkerWilliam Henry1893?16 Dec 196975h/Caroline EdnaShannon Cemetery SA
ParkerWilliam Humphrey1926?9 Sep 197650h/ThelmaShannon Cemetery SA
PenhallJeanette Mary (Dora)15 May 194425 Feb 200054w/Colin SpencerShannon Cemetery SA
PenhallLeonie Gail (Floss)9 Apr 19649 Apr 198723dau/Colin & JeanetteShannon Cemetery SA
PritchardArthur Lindsay1911?11 Sep 199382h/Daphne EileenShannon Cemetery SA
PritchardClement Murry1892?24 Oct 19172516768Shannon Cemetery SA
PritchardDaphne Eileen1913?28 May 200087w/Arthur LindsayShannon Cemetery SA
PritchardEric Bruce1926?8 Sep 200175son/Leslie Johnson & Hilda MayShannon Cemetery SA
PritchardHilda May1895?24 Feb 198691w/Leslie JohnsonShannon Cemetery SA
PritchardLeslie Johnson1895?24 Apr 196267h/Hilda MayShannon Cemetery SA
SampsonIvy Mabel1889?25 Nov 195970w/William StanleyShannon Cemetery SA
SampsonWilliam Stanley1881?17 Jul 194867h/Ivy MabelShannon Cemetery SA
SpeyerSusan Joy (Susie)10 Feb 196921 Mar 201546w/Malcolm JamesShannon Cemetery SA
Spry (Standley)Helen Mary24 May 19249 Dec 201187w/DougShannon Cemetery SA
StandleyJessie Eva1896?29 Sep 195561w/Murray JosephShannon Cemetery SA
StandleyMurray Joseph1886?23 Jul 195771h/Jessie EvaShannon Cemetery SA
Tynan (Davies)Eileen30 Oct 19208 Feb 200786Shannon Cemetery SA
WilliamsMavis M1904?19 Aug 194642w/Reginald ArnoldShannon Cemetery SA
WilliamsReginald Arnold1896?22 May 196670h/Mavis MShannon Cemetery SA
WilliamsTony Trevor1969?2 Mar 198920son/Trevor & Lois; h/AntheaShannon Cemetery SA
WilliamsTrevor Reginald7 Mar 192721 Feb 199365h/Lois ElaineShannon Cemetery SA
WorrallAgnes Louise13 Jan 190814 Mar 195345Shannon Cemetery SA
WorrallReginald Lionel10 Jul 19324 Jan 200269h/DawnShannon Cemetery SA
ZankerLester A1913?6 Mar 198471son/Ben & ElieseShannon Cemetery SA

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