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Name:Mary Ann Ellis (Newbury)

Note that any additional information here is based on similarity of name and dates, but that does not guarantee they refer to the same person.

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SurnameGiven NamesNotice TypeDateEventAgeOther DetailsPublicationPublished
ELLISMaryDeath notice19JAN2016Death83 at Bright Hospital, late of Bright, formerly of Springvale Vic Border Mail (Albury)21JAN2016
ELLISMaryFuneral notice25SEP1900Funeral late of Petersham Sydney Morning Herald25SEP1900
ELLISMaryObituary1917-2018Death101 Wartime pilot defied convention, late of Isle of Wight Sydney Morning Herald31JUL2018
ELLISMaryDeath notice31OCT1933Death75 late of Crows NestSydney Morning Herald01NOV1933
ELLISMaryFuneral notice18NOV1944Funeral at East Maitland Newcastle Herald18NOV1944
ELLISMaryFuneral notice02MAY1930Funeral Sydney Morning Herald02MAY1930
ELLISMaryFuneral notice29MAY1947Cremation Sydney Morning Herald28MAY1947
ELLISMaryFuneral notice02MAY1930Funeral Sydney Morning Herald01MAY1930
ELLISMaryDeath notice14AUG1985Death Sydney Morning Herald17AUG1985
ELLISMaryDeath notice29NOV1899Death77 late of DarlinghurstSydney Morning Herald30NOV1899
ELLISMaryDeath notice19JAN2016Death83 at Bright Hospital, late of Bright, formerly of Springvale, VicBorder Mail (Albury)22JAN2016
ELLISMaryDeath notice22MAR2004Death90 late of Alstonville, formerly of CasinoNorthern Star (Lismore)25MAR2004
ELLISMary see ROBERTS, MarySydney Morning Herald13AUG1900
ELLISMaryFuneral notice30NOV1899Funeral Sydney Morning Herald30NOV1899
ELLISMaryProbate notice21JUN2022Death late of Northmead NSW Probate Index23AUG2022
ELLISMaryDeath notice02APR2007Death83 at Garrawarra Centre WaterfallSt George & Sutherland Leader05APR2007
ELLISMaryDeath notice07JAN1900Death23 at Cape Town, South AfricaSydney Morning Herald06FEB1900
ELLISMaryDeath notice06DEC1888Death late of BalmainSydney Morning Herald11DEC1888
ELLISMaryDeath notice20SEP1913Death late of SydneySydney Morning Herald22SEP1913
ELLISMaryDeath notice15JUL1955Death69 at PenshurstSydney Morning Herald16JUL1955
ELLISMaryDeath notice04SEP1951Death late of NewtownSydney Morning Herald06SEP1951
ELLISMaryFuneral notice07DEC1888Funeral late of BalmainSydney Morning Herald07DEC1888
ELLISMaryDeath notice27MAY1947Death85 late of AshfieldSydney Morning Herald28MAY1947
ELLISMaryDeath notice27NOV2007Publication Border Mail (Albury)27NOV2007
ELLISMaryDeath notice04DEC1931Death80 at CowraSydney Morning Herald05DEC1931
ELLISMaryDeath notice24AUG1961Death94 late of Hill EndSydney Morning Herald26AUG1961
ELLISMaryDeath notice21JUL1962Death75 late of North BondiSydney Morning Herald23JUL1962
ELLISMaryFuneral notice16OCT1885Funeral late of St LeonardsSydney Morning Herald16OCT1885
ELLISMaryDeath notice11AUG1962Death98 at GranvilleSydney Morning Herald13AUG1962
ELLISMary Ada ElizabethDeath notice20MAR1875Death15 months at NewcastleSydney Morning Herald23MAR1875
ELLISMary Adelaide see ROCKS, Mary AdelaideSydney Morning Herald31OCT1944
ELLISMary Adelaide see ROCKS, Mary AdelaideSydney Morning Herald31OCT1944
ELLISMary AgnesFuneral notice01DEC1921Funeral late of RedfernSydney Morning Herald01DEC1921
ELLISMary Agnes see PATTERSON, Mary AgnesLithgow Mercury31DEC1998
ELLISMary AgnesDeath notice15FEB1873Death5 months late of Surry HillsSydney Morning Herald17FEB1873
ELLISMary AgnesDeath notice24MAR1948Death late of Bondi JunctionSydney Morning Herald25MAR1948
ELLISMary AliceDeath notice13AUG1984Death94 late of LidcombeSydney Morning Herald15AUG1984
ELLISMary AliceDeath notice05APR1969Death67 late of GranvilleSydney Morning Herald07APR1969
ELLISMary AliceDeath notice13AUG1984Death94 late of LidcombeSydney Morning Herald14AUG1984
ELLISMary AmeliaDeath notice19JUL2003Death88 late of MascotDaily Telegraph (Sydney)22JUL2003
ELLISMary AnnDeath notice22JUL1906Death63 late of PaddingtonSydney Morning Herald23JUL1906
ELLISMary AnnDeath notice16MAR1946Death77 at PetershamSydney Morning Herald18MAR1946
ELLISMary AnnDeath notice26MAR1954Death at Private Hospital ChatswodSydney Morning Herald27MAR1954
ELLISMary AnnObituary18JUL1931Funeral67 late of WaratahNewcastle Herald21JUL1931
ELLISMary AnnProbate notice30JUL1931Publication late of WaratahNewcastle Herald30JUL1931
ELLISMary AnnDeath notice15DEC1957Death88 at Narrabeen, late of BalmainSydney Morning Herald16DEC1957
ELLISMary AnnDeath notice05MAY1925Death67 at Wattle Flat, late of Nambucca HeadsSydney Morning Herald14MAY1925
ELLISMary AnnFuneral notice18JUL1931Funeral late of WaratahNewcastle Herald18JUL1931
ELLISMary AnnObituary05MAY1925Death66 at Wattle Flat, near Bathurst, late of Nambucca HeadsNambucca and Bellinger News (Macksville)08MAY1925
ELLISMary AnnDeath notice17JUL1931Death67 at WaratahSydney Morning Herald18JUL1931
ELLISMary AnnDeath notice30MAY1926Death74 at Randwick, late of InverellSydney Morning Herald05JUN1926
ELLISMary AnnFuneral notice02NOV1931Funeral Sydney Morning Herald02NOV1931
ELLISMary AnnFuneral notice05SEP1902Funeral late of CamperdownSydney Morning Herald05SEP1902
ELLISMary Ann LataDeath notice23APR1891Death66 late of PaddingtonSydney Morning Herald24APR1891
ELLISMary Ann TataDeath notice23APR1891Death66 late of PaddingtonSydney Morning Herald28APR1891
ELLISMary BreckenridgeFuneral notice09SEP1971Cremation late of 'Clydebank' Coomera Gold Coast Bulletin08SEP1971
ELLISMary BreckenridgeProbate notice07SEP1971Death late of Coomera Gold Coast Bulletin22JUN1972
ELLISMary BreckenridgeProbate notice23NOV1971Publication late of 'Clydebank' Coomera, Qld Gold Coast Bulletin23NOV1971
ELLISMary Catherine (Sister)Death notice07OCT2005Death97 Canberra Times10OCT2005
ELLISMary CeciliaDeath notice02OCT1973Death65 at St Vincent's Hospital, late of Waterloo Sydney Morning Herald03OCT1973
ELLISMary ConstanceFuneral notice18DEC1911Funeral late of MarrickvilleSydney Morning Herald18DEC1911
ELLISMary DollyDeath notice30MAY1961Death73 at Sydney Hospital, late of Surry HillsSydney Morning Herald31MAY1961
ELLISMary DoreenDeath notice14JAN1973Death72 late of GymeaSydney Morning Herald16JAN1973
ELLISMary EileenDeath notice08FEB1938Death late of BlackheathSydney Morning Herald09FEB1938
ELLISMary ElizabethProbate notice30APR2020Death late of Woy Woy NSW Probate Index19JUN2020
ELLISMary Elizabeth (Molly)Death notice23MAY2005Death79 late of War Vets Village NarrabeenManly Daily28MAY2005
ELLISMary EllenDeath notice03MAY1960Death68 late of FlemingtonSydney Morning Herald04MAY1960
ELLISMary FlorenceObituary26APR1954Publication75 at Brisbane General Hospital, late of BrisbaneNorthern Star (Lismore)26APR1954
ELLISMary GeorginaDeath notice15MAR1923Death51 late of Randwick, formerly of Woodstock Station, QldSydney Morning Herald17MAR1923
ELLISMary Gladys see BARRY, Mary GladysSydney Morning Herald30JUL1991
ELLISMary GraceFuneral notice19SEP1947Cremation late of Tempe Sydney Morning Herald19SEP1947
ELLISMary GraceDeath notice17SEP1947Death81 Sydney Morning Herald19SEP1947
ELLISMary GreigFuneral notice02AUG1948Cremation late of Ryde Sydney Morning Herald02AUG1948
ELLISMary Hannah see ELLIS, Mary AnnNewcastle Herald30JUL1931
ELLISMary HildaFuneral notice05JUN1992Funeral late of Bronte Sydney Morning Herald03JUN1992
ELLISMary HildaProbate notice14APR2004Publication late of AlstonvilleNorthern Star (Lismore)14APR2004
ELLISMary HowardDeath notice21OCT2001Death88 late of Herons CreekWauchope Gazette25OCT2001
ELLISMary Isabelle AnnieDeath notice24NOV2007Death98 at St Catherine`s Hostel, WangarattaBorder Mail (Albury)26NOV2007
ELLISMary JaneDeath notice28FEB1920Death late of Summer HillSydney Morning Herald03MAR1920
ELLISMary JaneFuneral notice30AUG1921Funeral Sydney Morning Herald30AUG1921
ELLISMary JaneDeath notice14JAN1938Death73 late of CoogeeSydney Morning Herald17JAN1938
ELLISMary JaneDeath notice12MAR1925Death61 at Western Suburbs Hospital, late of LakembaSydney Morning Herald14MAR1925
ELLISMary Jane SaltingDeath notice16JAN1937Death67 at CremorneSydney Morning Herald19JAN1937
ELLISMary JosephineDeath notice29SEP1975Death Sydney Morning Herald30SEP1975
ELLISMary JosephineDeath notice28MAY1978Death at CammeraySydney Morning Herald29MAY1978
ELLISMary Josephine (Meredith)Death notice25FEB1922Death43 late of ManlySydney Morning Herald27FEB1922
ELLISMary KateDeath notice01SEP1967Death72 late of ArncliffeSydney Morning Herald04SEP1967
ELLISMary LillianDeath notice18MAR1898Death34 late of LeichhardtSydney Morning Herald19MAR1898
ELLISMary Louisa VictoriaDeath notice18MAR1970Death late of AlexandriaSydney Morning Herald20MAR1970
ELLISMary MagdaleneDeath notice16DEC1976Death late of BexleySydney Morning Herald18DEC1976
ELLISMary MargaretDeath notice11SEP2018Death89 Sydney Morning Herald17SEP2018
ELLISMary MarshallProbate notice11MAY2010Publication late of Tent Hill via EmmavilleGlen Innes Examiner11MAY2010
ELLISMary MarshallProbate notice06DEC2009Death late of Ten Hill via EmmavilleGlen Innes Examiner31AUG2010
ELLISMary MarshallProbate notice11FEB2010Publication late of EmmavilleGlen Innes Examiner11FEB2010
ELLISMary MayDeath notice02AUG1935Death81 at Auburn District Hospital, late of GranvilleSydney Morning Herald03AUG1935
ELLISMary McLeodDeath notice22JUL1997Death85 late of AshfieldSydney Morning Herald24JUL1997
ELLISMary PatriciaProbate notice21JUN2022Death late of Northmead NSW Probate Index10NOV2022
ELLISMary PaulDeath notice31DEC1918Death43 late of CampsieSydney Morning Herald02JAN1919
ELLISMary ThereseProbate notice04NOV2018Death late of Cessnock NSW Probate Index20FEB2019
ELLISMary ThereseProbate notice04NOV2018Death late of Cessnock NSW Probate Index01APR2019
ELLISMary WilkinsonFuneral notice26APR1946Cremation late of Kongsford Sydney Morning Herald25APR1946
ELLISMary WilkinsonDeath notice24APR1946Death at Prince Henry Hospital, late of KingsfordSydney Morning Herald25APR1946


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