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This page contains lists of other possible references to this person:

Name:James Benedict Cahill

Note that any additional information here is based on similarity of name and dates, but that does not guarantee they refer to the same person.

Ryerson Index

SurnameGiven NamesNotice TypeDateEventAgeOther DetailsPublicationPublished
CAHILLJamesDeath notice29AUG1992Death76 late of Albion Park RailIllawarra Mercury31AUG1992
CAHILLJamesOther27NOV1918Death at Quarantine Station, SydneyCessnock Eagle28NOV1919
CAHILLJamesOther27NOV1918Death at Quaratine Station, SydneyCessnock Eagle29NOV1918
CAHILLJamesFuneral notice08JUL1911Funeral late of LewishamSydney Morning Herald08JUL1911
CAHILLJamesDeath notice16MAY1857Death32 late of NewtownSydney Morning Herald23MAY1857
CAHILLJamesFuneral notice24APR1862Funeral late of SydneySydney Morning Herald24APR1862
CAHILLJamesDeath notice27NOV1918Death at SydneyNewcastle Herald03DEC1918
CAHILLJamesFuneral notice13NOV1920Funeral late of CamperdownSydney Morning Herald13NOV1920
CAHILLJamesDeath notice16MAY1857Death32 late of Newtown and DublinSydney Morning Herald18MAY1857
CAHILLJamesDeath notice25MAR1970Death94 at Cooma Hospital, late of 'Rock Forest' AdaminabySydney Morning Herald26MAR1970
CAHILLJamesDeath notice15SEP1983Death84 late of Five DockSydney Morning Herald17SEP1983
CAHILLJamesDeath notice23MAY1948Death late of Kings CrossSydney Morning Herald27MAY1948
CAHILLJamesDeath notice12FEB1884Death37 at Gasworks Hotel, BathurstSydney Morning Herald02AUG1884
CAHILLJamesObituary02JUN1932Death73 late of Branxton, formerly of Minimbah and Lower Belford (born 1858 East Maitland) The Catholic Weekly (Sydney)09JUN1932
CAHILLJamesOther10APR1932Death28 late of Tweed HeadsNorthern Star (Lismore)11APR1932
CAHILLJamesDeath notice24OCT2000Publication88 Newcastle Herald24OCT2000
CAHILLJames BFuneral notice21DEC1910Funeral late of RockdaleSydney Morning Herald21DEC1910
CAHILLJames BedeDeath notice24MAR1941Death55 at Sacred Heart HospiceSydney Morning Herald25MAR1941
CAHILLJames BedeFuneral notice26MAR1941Funeral Sydney Morning Herald26MAR1941
CAHILLJames BenedictObituary18JUN2001Death77 late of Wellington, formerly of NewcastleWellington Times20JUN2001
CAHILLJames BenedictDeath notice18JUN2001Death late of WellingtonSydney Morning Herald21JUN2001
CAHILLJames EdwardDeath notice21AUG1978Death late of Yagoona, formerly of ArmidaleDaily Telegraph (Sydney)22AUG1978
CAHILLJames EdwardFuneral notice23AUG1978Funeral late of Yagoona, formerly of ArmidaleDaily Telegraph (Sydney)23AUG1978
CAHILLJames EdwardDeath notice07OCT1978Death91 late of BondiSydney Morning Herald09OCT1978
CAHILLJames EdwardDeath notice21AUG1978Death late of Yagoona, formerly of ArmidaleSydney Morning Herald22AUG1978
CAHILLJames FrancisDeath notice30JAN1969Death67 late of North SydneySydney Morning Herald01FEB1969
CAHILLJames GeorgeDeath notice28APR1983Death73 late of AnnandaleSydney Morning Herald30APR1983
CAHILLJames HenryFuneral notice09SEP1947Funeral late of Redfern Sydney Morning Herald09SEP1947
CAHILLJames HenryDeath notice07SEP1947Death late of RedfernSydney Morning Herald08SEP1947
CAHILLJames JohnOther28JAN1925Death65 at CondobolinForbes Advocate06FEB1925
CAHILLJames JosephDeath notice09MAR2012Death77 late of Castle CoveDaily Telegraph (Sydney)13MAR2012
CAHILLJames JosephDeath notice09MAR2012Death77 late of Castle CoveDaily Telegraph (Sydney)10MAR2012
CAHILLJames JosephDeath notice13MAR2012Death Sydney Morning Herald13MAR2012
CAHILLJames JosephDeath notice09MAR2012Death77 late of Castle CoveSydney Morning Herald10MAR2012
CAHILLJames PatrickFuneral notice14SEP1938Funeral late of CondoblinSydney Morning Herald15SEP1938
CAHILLJames WalterDeath notice01MAY1991Death77 late of GreenacreSydney Morning Herald02MAY1991


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