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This page contains lists of other possible references to this person:

Name:Bridget McMahon

Note that any additional information here is based on similarity of name and dates, but that does not guarantee they refer to the same person.

Ryerson Index

SurnameGiven NamesNotice TypeDateEventAgeOther DetailsPublicationPublished
McMAHONBridgetDeath notice18MAY1934Death80 at MarrickvilleSydney Morning Herald19MAY1934
McMAHONBridgetDeath notice12AUG1937Death69 at Leichhardt, late of BalmainSydney Morning Herald13AUG1937
McMAHONBridgetDeath notice05APR1937Death at ManlySydney Morning Herald07APR1937
McMAHONBridgetDeath notice10DEC1926Death70 at WaverleySydney Morning Herald13DEC1926
McMAHONBridgetOther18SEP1920Death at Waaia, VictoriaSydney Morning Herald23SEP1920
McMAHONBridgetFuneral notice29JUL1924Funeral Sydney Morning Herald29JUL1924
McMAHONBridgetOther11SEP1925Publication89 late of Murrumburrah district, formerly of County Clare, IrelandSydney Morning Herald11SEP1925
McMAHONBridgetFuneral notice25FEB1939Funeral Sydney Morning Herald25FEB1939
McMAHONBridgetDeath notice24FEB1939Death at Sacred Heart HospiceSydney Morning Herald25FEB1939
McMAHONBridgetDeath notice16AUG1934Death74 at UltimoSydney Morning Herald17AUG1934
McMAHONBridgetFuneral notice03OCT1966Funeral late of CasinoNorthern Star (Lismore)03OCT1966
McMAHONBridgetFuneral notice14AUG1884Funeral late of PaddingtonSydney Morning Herald14AUG1884
McMAHONBridgetFuneral notice02APR1908Funeral late of Hunters HillSydney Morning Herald02APR1908
McMAHONBridgetOther18SEP1920Death53 at Waaia, near Numurkah, VictoriaSydney Morning Herald20SEP1920
McMAHONBridget (Delia)Death notice28APR1965Death73 late of CampsieSydney Morning Herald30APR1965
McMAHONBridget AgnesDeath notice04FEB1967Death late of VaucluseSydney Morning Herald08FEB1967
McMAHONBridget EllenFuneral notice14APR1942Funeral Sydney Morning Herald14APR1942
McMAHONBridget EllenDeath notice12APR1942Death64 late of FivedockSydney Morning Herald13APR1942
McMAHONBridget Gertrude see McMAHON, Mary Joachim (Sister)Sydney Morning Herald15DEC1975


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