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This page contains lists of other possible references to this person:

Name:Lillian M Riley
Died:21 Jun 1955
Cemetery:Rookwood Catholic

Note that any additional information here is based on similarity of name and dates, but that does not guarantee they refer to the same person.

Ryerson Index

SurnameGiven NamesNotice TypeDateEventAgeOther DetailsPublicationPublished
RILEYLillianDeath notice19OCT1986Death late of Castle HillSydney Morning Herald24OCT1986
RILEYLillian ConstanceDeath notice20MAY1959Death46 late of TowradgiSydney Morning Herald21MAY1959
RILEYLillian Elizabeth AnnObituary16FEB1994Death83 late of East Moree, formerly of Coonabarabran, Binnaway, Kempsey, Bellbird, Kungala and SconeMoree Champion03MAY1994
RILEYLillian Elizabeth AnnObituary12MAY1994Publication late of East Moree, formerly of Coonabarabran, Kempsey & SconeScone Advocate12MAY1994
RILEYLillian Elizabeth AnneProbate notice08MAR1994Publication late of East MoreeMoree Champion08MAR1994
RILEYLillian EmilyDeath notice19AUG1983Death late of RevesbySydney Morning Herald20AUG1983
RILEYLillian Gladys IsobelDeath notice20AUG1974Death81 late of UminaSydney Morning Herald21AUG1974
RILEYLillian Irene HazelDeath notice26JAN1948Death44 late of ArncliffeSydney Morning Herald28JAN1948
RILEYLillian IsabelObituary17APR1937Death late of GoulburnGoulburn Post20APR1937
RILEYLillian MaryDeath notice26NOV1911Death42 late of MittagongSydney Morning Herald28NOV1911
RILEYLillian MaryDeath notice19JUN1955Death late of Concord WestSydney Morning Herald20JUN1955
RILEYLillian MayDeath notice26AUG1978Death late of Lane CoveSydney Morning Herald28AUG1978
RILEYLillian MayFuneral notice31AUG1978Funeral91 late of Lane Cove, formerly of LismoreNorthern Star (Lismore)29AUG1978
RILEYLillian May see THORLEY, Lillian MaySydney Morning Herald09OCT1970
RILEYLillian OliveFuneral notice15APR2009Death82 late of Hamilton SouthNewcastle Herald20APR2009
RILEYLillian StellaDeath notice30MAY1958Death65 late of GranvilleSydney Morning Herald31MAY1958


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