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This page contains lists of other possible references to this person:

Name:Thomas W Read
Died:14 Jun 1955
Cemetery:Rookwood Catholic

Note that any additional information here is based on similarity of name and dates, but that does not guarantee they refer to the same person.

Ryerson Index

SurnameGiven NamesNotice TypeDateEventAgeOther DetailsPublicationPublished
READThomasDeath notice12JUL1932Death84 at Potts PointSydney Morning Herald13JUL1932
READThomasDeath notice09JUN1917Death in FranceNewcastle Herald08JUN1918
READThomasFuneral notice03MAR1872Funeral late of PyrmontSydney Morning Herald02MAR1872
READThomasFuneral notice20APR1868Funeral late of Camperdown Sydney Morning Herald20APR1868
READThomasDeath notice21DEC1861Publication at Royal Leamington Spa, formerly of LondonSydney Morning Herald21DEC1861
READThomasDeath notice30NOV1861Publication at Royal Leamington Spa, formerly of LondonSydney Morning Herald30NOV1861
READThomasFuneral notice05MAR1927Funeral Sydney Morning Herald05MAR1927
READThomas Cecil (Tom)Death notice24NOV1973Death77 late of Barton Highway, ACTSydney Morning Herald29NOV1973
READThomas Cecil (Tom)Death notice24NOV1973Death77 late of 'The Pines' ACT Canberra Times26NOV1973
READThomas CharlesDeath notice12DEC1922Death75 late of Mosman, formerly of Eastwood and PetershamSydney Morning Herald16DEC1922
READThomas CharlesDeath notice12DEC1922Death75 late of MosmanSydney Morning Herald13DEC1922
READThomas CollinsDeath notice01MAR1954Publication late of VaucluseSydney Morning Herald01MAR1954
READThomas Edmond HowardProbate notice12AUG2001Death late of Alexander Lodge, Ashmore, Qld, formerly of Isle of Capri, QldGold Coast Bulletin03OCT2001
READThomas EricFuneral notice11MAR1994FuneralInfant Newcastle Herald10MAR1994
READThomas EricDeath notice08MAR1994Death3 Canberra Times10MAR1994
READThomas FrancisOther02APR1913Publication3 late of ForbesForbes Times02APR1913
READThomas GeorgeDeath notice18NOV1933Death52 at Western Suburbs Hospital, late of FivedockSydney Morning Herald20NOV1933
READThomas Hoskin MontaguDeath notice14AUG1924Death late of TurramurraSydney Morning Herald16AUG1924
READThomas MDeath notice14AUG1924Death late of TurramurraSydney Morning Herald25AUG1924
READThomas Walford VeroDeath notice08DEC1960Death late of EdgecliffSydney Morning Herald12DEC1960
READThomas WilliamDeath notice09DEC1946Death78 at Manly District Hospital, late of AuburnSydney Morning Herald11DEC1946
READThomas William GeorgeDeath notice03OCT1940DeathInfant at Children's Hospital, Camperdown, late of EnmoreSydney Morning Herald05OCT1940
READThomas WiseDeath notice11JUN1955Death51 late of AuburnSydney Morning Herald13JUN1955


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