Inscription 16125666 - John Joseph Kennedy Barber

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Individual Details

John Joseph Kennedy


29 Apr 1828


Marulan, NSW


24 Feb 1851


Marulan Anglican

Esma Hannah

At Yass, on tbe 24th ultimo, from injuries received by a fall from his horse, John Barber, Esq., of Glenrock, Marulan, aged 22. SERIOUS ACCIDENT.-We regret to learn that while Mr. John Barber, of Belle Vue, was leaping his horse over the hurdles on Yass Course, on Wednesday last, the animal fell and rolled over him. The unfortunate gentleman was stunned by the fall, and our Yass correspondent writes us that at seven o'clock on Thursday evening hopes for his recovery were entertained. [22-2-1851 The Goulburn Herald and County of Argyle Advertiser page 4] THE LATE ACCIDENT AT YASS.-We regret to state that Mr. John Barber died on Monday last. The unfortunate gentleman was insensible up to the hour of his death. [1-3-1851 The Goulburn Herald and County of Argyle Advertiser page 5]

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Isabella Barber (Hume)George Barber

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