Inscription 16113551 - Elizabeth Ann Jane Delaney

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Individual Details

Elizabeth Ann Jane



2 Feb 1855


Ryde, NSW


17 Oct 1928


19 Oct 1928

Mays Hill

Esma Hannah

DELANEY.—The Relatives and Friends of Mr. GEORGE WILLIAM DELANEY, Mr. and Mrs. G. OTTAWAY and FAMILY, of Granville; Mr. and Mrs. W. EVANS and FAMILY, of Harris Park; Mr. and Mrs. J. PATEMAN and FAMILY, of Concord West; Mr. and Mrs. NORMAN DELANEY and FAMILY, of Leichhardt; Mr. and Mrs. M. BREMNER and FAMILY, of Granville; Mr. and Mrs. A. DELANEY and FAMILY, of Enfield; Mr. and Mrs. J. BANYARD and FAMILY, of Auburn; and Mr. Sidney (TOSS) DELANEY, of Harris Park, are kindly invited to attend the funeral of his beloved Wife, their MOTHER, and GRANDMOTHER, Elizabeth Ann Jane Delaney; to move from her late residence, Station-street, Harris Park, THIS (Friday) AFTERNOON, at 3 o'clock, for Western-road Cemetery, Parramatta. WILLIAM METCALFE and CO., UW8839. Parramatta. [19-10-1928 SMH page 11]

Relationship Details

William Henry




George William



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Gertrude Edith DelaneyGeorge William DelaneyDora Adelaide Evans (Delaney)Annie May Ottaway (Delaney)

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