Inscription 16097007 - James O'Hara

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25 Mar 1848


10 Dec 1913


11 Dec 1913

Roman Catholic

Esma Hannah

CAMBERWELL. A very old identity in the person of Mr. James O'Hara, of Liddell, died at the Singleton Dangar Cottage Hospital, on Wednesday morning last. Although deceased had been ailing for some weeks past, his death was somewhat sudden and came as a surprise to his family and acquaintances. Mr. O'Hara had been a fettler on the railway for a number of years, but had been retired a short time prior to his death. He was 70 years of age, and highly respected by those who held his acquaintance. Deceased has left a widow, and grown-up family, and a number of grandchildren to mourn their sad loss. The remains were interred in Singleton, R.C.C. cemetery on Thursday afternoon. [17-12-1913 The Maitland Daily Mercury page 7]

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Christopher Charles



Mary Ann Agnes



Mary Ann



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Christopher Charles O'HaraMary Ann Agnes O'Hara (Cousins)Mary Ann O'Hara (Childs)

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