Inscription 16072253 - Elizabeth Hannah Dwyer

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Individual Details

Elizabeth Hannah





Wollongong, NSW

NSW 18885/1870

3 Dec 1954


4 Dec 1954


Esma Hannah

DWYER, Elizabeth Hannah.-December 3, 1954, of 56 George Street, Thirroul, wife of the late Thomas Henry Dwyer and dear mother of John, Clive, Albert and Ellen (deceased), Elizabeth, Dick, Thomas (deceased), Luke (Thirroul), Mabel (Mrs. Atkinson, West Wollongong), Mary (Appin), Patrick (Port Kembla), and Edna (Thirroul), aged 84 years. Requiescat in pace. DWYER.-The Relatives and Friends of the family of the late Mrs. ELIZABETH HANNAH DWYER of 56 George Street, Thirroul, are invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved Mother; to leave St. Michael's Church, Thirroul, This Saturday, after prayers at 3.10 p.m., for the Catholic Cemetery, Bulli. A bus for friends will be provided. H. PARSONS, Wollongong. Phone, B3062.

Relationship Details

William Henry

Mary Hanna


Thomas Henry


NSW 3033/1892

John Thomas, Peter Clive, Albert Paul, Ellen Harriett, Elizabeth, Francis Moon, Luke, Thomas Charles, Mabel Margaret, Mary Sarah, Patrick Henry, Edna Terese

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Mabel Margaret Atkinson (Dwyer)John Thomas DwyerThomas Henry Dwyer

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