Inscription 16046285 - Esmond Clyde Spence

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Individual Details

Esmond Clyde


6 Jan 1907


Kamarooka, Victoria


11 May 1972


15 May 1972

Esma Hannah

SPENCE, Esmond Clyde.–May 11, 1972, at hospital, late of 8 Queen Street, Moss Vale, dearly loved husband of Brida Hazel and loving father of Ronald, Ross, Peter, Margaret, Helen, Robin, David, Diane and Stephen, loved fill and grandfather of their families and loved brother of Ethel (Mrs. J. McCann, Nowra), James (Sydney), Ina (Mrs. Clarke, deceased, Nowra), Allan (deceased, Wollongong), Vera (Mrs. J. King, Moss Vale), Gladys (Mrs. Armstrong, Nowra) and William (Nowra). SPENCE.–The funeral of the late ESMOND CLYDE SPENCE will leave St. John's Church of England, Moss Vale, next Monday morning after a service commencing at 11 o'clock for the Sutton Forest Church of England Cemetery. [13-5-1972 SMH]

Relationship Details

James Todd


Elizabeth Margaret


Brida Hazel



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Brida Hazel Spence (Andrews)

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Brida Hazel Spence (Andrews)


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