Inscription 15904158 - Alfred Phillip Speechley

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Alfred Phillip







2 Jan 1889



Erica Knower

No plaque, Headstone or grave site found. The Australian Star dated 4 Jan 1889: DROWNED WHILST BATHING. A magisterial inquiry was held yesterday before Mr. W. T. Pinhey, J.P., into the circumstances concerning the drowning of two boys named Christopher Rattenburg, aged 11 years, and Alfred Phillip Speechley, aged 12 years, at Cook's River on Wednesday. It appears that the two lads and two other boys started about 2o'clock yesterday afternoon for the purpose of bathing in Cook's River. Speechley could swim a short distance, but Rattenburg was unable to swim. Both the deceased went searching for blubbers in the centre of the river, whilst the others remained near the bank of the river paddling about. The deceased went over their respective depths, and wore immediately observed to splash. About three minutes lapsed when they disappeared underneath the water. The two other boys then went for assistance, and about an hour afterwards the dead bodies were recovered by Constable McKenzie.

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Emily Eliza

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