Inscription 15903092 - William Christopher Rattenbury

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Individual Details

William Christopher


30 Jul 1877


2 Jan 1889


Erica Knower

No plaque, headstone or grave site was found. The Rattenbury / Speechley inquest was held at the Pulteney Hotel, Cooks River. Rattenbury, aged eleven, and Speechley, aged twelve, were drowned while bathing in Cooks River, they got out of their depth in searching for blubbers. Speechley could swim a little but Rattenbury couldn’t. The Rattenbury family were no strangers to childhood deaths, there are seven children buried in the graveyard, including premature quads. He had three brothers and 11 sisters.

Relationship Details

William Henry



Annie Belinda



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William Henry RattenburyBelinda (Annie) Horner (Briggs)

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