Inscription 15889924 - Cecil Fairwell Curran

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Individual Details

Cecil Fairwell


29 Mar 1891


Port Macquarie, NSW


16 Mar 1971


18 Mar 1971


Esma Hannah

CURRAN, Cecil Fairwell.–Mar 16, 1971, formerly of Wauchope, beloved husband of Leila, loved father of Sister Marie Curran (St Josephus Convent, Merewether), Stanley, Leo and Anne, dear father-in-law of Mary, Evelyn and Ted and fond grandfather of their families, aged 79 years. May he rest in peace. CURRAN.–Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of Mr. CECIL FAIRWELL CURRAN, formerly of Wauchope, will be celebrated at Mt. St. Joseph's Chapel, Market Street, Randwick, This Day, Thursday, at 10 a.m. Relatives and Friends are invited to attend his Funeral; to leave the Chapel at the conclusion of Mass for the Waverley Cemetery. E. BOLAND AND SONS. [18-3-1971 SMH]

Relationship Details

Thomas William


Sarah Jane


Leila Marion



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Leila Marion Curran (Dougherty)

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Leila Marion Curran (Dougherty)


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