Inscription 15856766 - Louisa [Louie] Mason

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Louisa [Louie]




Richmond, NSW ?




Junee Pioneer

Government Portion

Michele Hutchison

Louisa died from exposure in McKinnon's paddock 3 mile near Junee NSW. Report Post Mortern Examination by Dr Button - female was about 20 or 22 years of age.' She had brownish hair, grey eyes, was of medium height, and had an old scar about an inch long on the left shin. - Registers of Coroners' Inquests: Name:Louisa Mason Birth Year:abt 1878 Birth Place:Richmond New South Wales Death Year:Abt 1895 Death Place:Junee Inquest Date:7 Jan 1895 Inquest Place:Junee Age:17- It is said that Louisa was a Domestic Servant at Prince's Hotel in Wyalong NSW and had also worked at Coleman's Hotel in Hay NSW? - Harry / Henry [Stranger] Edwards knew Louisa and identified her body as that of Louisa Mason that he knew when in Wyalong NSW 1894. A handkerchief with - A.S.SHAW.- was found with Louisa's belongings.

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