Inscription 15853589 - Carl Eduard Schubert

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Individual Details

Carl Eduard


17 Sep 1856


Breslau, Province of Silesia


19 May 1922


454/195-1922 SA

Rosalyn Menz

At/ late Cambrai SA, Farmer. h/ Johanne Louise, a father. Migrated Hamburg to Australia with parents / siblings on barque Victoria arr Port Adelaide SA, 24 Sep 1858,when 2y. App for Naturalization 1916 NAA: A1, 1916/8172

Relationship Details



Johanna Eleanore

Johanne Louise


127/572-1881 May 12 SA

Charles Herman (1888-1888) Eduard Reinhold (1889-1961) William Gotthelf (1890-1965) Carl Bernhard (1891-1906) Martha Caroline Lydia (1893-1945) Emma Lina (1894-1974 marr J B Doecke) Anne Ernstina (1896-1953 mar E R Hampel) Bertha Ottilie (1897-1981 mar C A Hampel) Eduard Theodor (1900-1906)

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Eduard Reinhold SchubertEduard Theodor SchubertCarl Bernhard SchubertCharles Herman Schubert

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