Inscription 15785590 - Mary Josephine Beechey

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Individual Details

Mary Josephine



19 Sep 1875


Minto, NSW

10 Mar 1925


11 Mar 1925

Ang zone C, section 7


Esma Hannah

LATE MRS. MARY J. BEECHEY It is with feeling of deepest regret we have to announce the demise of Mrs. Mary J. Beechey, 49 years of age, wife of Mr. George Frederick Beechey, who has been for many years connected with the Ashfield Fire Station. The deceased lady was well known to a large circle of friends in Ashfield. For a long time past Mrs. Beechey has been failing, but it was only lately her illness took a serious turn from which she gradually weakened until the end, which came on Tuesday morning last. She leaves a husband, three Sons and three daughters to mourn her loss. The funeral, which was very largely attended, took place on Wednesday afternoon at the Church of England Cemetery at Rookwood. Canon Langford-Smith officiated at the graveside. A long list of floral tributes follows.

Relationship Details

Charles Henry


Johanna Elizabeth



George Frederick (Charles)


NSW 4798/1896

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Frederick George BeecheyCharles Henry MeredithJohanna Elizabeth Meredith (Eccleston)George Frederick (Charles) Beechey

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