Inscription 15712968 - William John Davey

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Individual Details

William John




30 May 1930


Daniel Stapleton

Daniel Stapleton

DAVEY.- On May 30, 1930, at the Public Hospital. Launceston. William John, relict of the late Maude Grace Davey, of Blessington, aged 70 years. - FUNERAL NOTICES DAVEY.- Funeral of the late Mr. Wil-liam John Davey is appointed to leave the Public Hospital, Launceston, on Sunday afternoon, June 1, at 2.15 pm., arriving at Evandale about 3.15 p.m., for interment In the Presbyterian Cemetery, Friends are invited. C. T. FINNEY, Funeral Director. 63 York street. Launceston. (both from The Mercury (Hobart, Tas. : 1860 - 1954) of Saturday 31 May 1930, Page 1. "Family Notices"

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Maude Grace


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