Inscription 15712658 - Walter Williams

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Evandale, Tasmania


27 Jul 1939


Daniel Stapleton

Daniel Stapleton

EVANDALE .: LATE MR. W. WILLIAMS. - The funeral of the late Mr. Walter Williams, who died at Hobart on Thursday, took place at the Evandale Presbyterian cemetery yesterday afternoon. There was a large gathering, many coming from a distance. The hearse was preceded by the members of the Colonel Cameron Lodge, U.A.O.D., deceased being one - of the oldest members of that lodge. The chief mourners were Mr. C. Williams (brother, Mrs. W. McCarthy (sister, Messrs. R. Williams, F. McCarthy, T. Williams, and R. Butler (nephews). The carriers were four members of the Druids' Lodge, Messrs. S. Oakley, L. Bryan, C. Tuck, and V. Hamilton. The service was conducted by Rev. W. Fraser, B.A. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. Hooper and Burgess (Hobart). The late Mr. Williams, who was born at Evandale, took a great interest in trotting, and was well-known in trotting circles in the North. At the Evandale trots four years in succession he won the Morvren Cup.

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John William Dudley Carter

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