Inscription 15706553 - Wee Davie ?

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Individual Details

Wee Davie




14 Jan 1878



Noelene Harris

Wayne Hill

Someone's darling lies buried here. "WEE DAVIE" (died 1878) The first burial in Waverley Cemetery's Roman Catholic section. An unidentified small boy, the victim of a sad accident. An entry in the Cumberland Argus 1917 WEE DAVIE. There's a little weather-beaten freestone headpiece near the entrance to the Waverley cemetery bearing the inscription, "Wee Davie." About 25 years ago a child of about four wandered into Oxford Street, where he was run down by a butcher's cart. When the driver picked him up the little fellow was unconscious. Presently his eyes opened, and answering a question he said his name was Wee Davie. In a few minutes he was dead. The butcher did all things possible to locate the babe's home, or find someone to whom he belonged, but without avail; and so he had him buried, comprehensively remarking under the "Wee Davie," "Somebody's darling lies buried here" information courtesy Mr Kevin Banister. .

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Child was never claimed


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