Inscription 15639516 - Frank Hercules Dengate

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Individual Details

Frank Hercules


14 Dec 1874


Camden, NSW


19 Jul 1951


20 Jul 1951

Esma Hannah

The passing 0f Mr. Frank Hercules Dengate, of Hampton Vale, Cawdor, has removed another highly respected citizen from our community. He was born in this district; on all sides and from all walks of life warm commendation is heard of his refinement, integrity and friendliness. Widespread is the wave of sympathy pouring in upon his widow and son Morton. There will be a remembrance service in St. Jerome's Church, Cawdor, next month. [26-7-1951 Camden News page 3] Mr. Frank Dengate, of Hampton Vale, Cawdor, died this morning, Thursday, at the District Hospital, at the age of 75 years. The funeral will take place at St. John's Cemetery, Camden, at 2 p.m. tomorrow, Friday, following a service In the Parish Church. [19-7-1951 Camden News page 5]

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Frederick James



Eliza Florist



Mabel Victoria



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Frederick James DengateEliza Florist Dengate (Tickner)Mabel Victoria Dengate (Sheppard)Morton Hercules Sheppard Dengate

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