Inscription 15586108 - Matilda Mary Wonson

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Individual Details

Matilda Mary


28 Mar 1880


Wilton, NSW


10 Aug 1927


12 Aug 1927

Esma Hannah

Esma Hannah

WONSON.-The Friends of the late Mrs. C. A. WONSON and FAMILY are requested to attend the Funeral of their late beloved DAUGHTER and SISTER, Matilda May; to leave their residence, Menangle-road, Picton, THIS DAY, 12th instant, for Church of England Cemetery, Wilton. [12-8-1927 SMH] Miss Matilda May Wonson, of Menangle Street, Picton, died at her late residence on Wednesday night last, and was buried at Wilton on Friday. Deceased, who was born at Wilton, was 47 years of age and had enjoyed good health till some weeks prior to her demise. She took a bad turn on the Sunday, and passed away, as stated above. The late Miss Wonson, although of a retiring disposition, was a good neighbor. Two sisters, Misses Caroline Elizabeth and Ivy Emily, of Picton, are left to mourn, besides a number of relatives. The funeral took plaoe on 12th inst., the Rev. R. F. Tacon, Rector, officiating at the graveside. [17-8-1927 The Picton Post page 2]

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Charles Henry



Caroline Anne




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Charles Henry WonsonCaroline Ann Wonson (Hewitt)

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