Cemetery 99 - Wattle Flat Anglican

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Wattle Flat Anglican

Bathurst Road,

Wattle Flat





This cemetery seems to have been established soon after the original Anglican Church of St Thomas was erected on the site c.1860. After a new stone church building was erected in the 1870s, it was renamed Holy Trinity and the cemetery was then known as Holy Trinity Cemetery. The building is no longer used as a church.

Monuments we found date from as early as 1871 to as recently as 2002. Unfortunately, this historic burial ground presents a sad picture today with overgrown graves, fallen stones, broken fencing, tree litter and weeds. Access to many of the graves is quite difficult.

Jean and I made digital images and notes of every visible inscription on 7 May 2004. In compiling this list, we also consulted the NSW index of births, deaths and marriages to help determine any difficult to read names and dates and for further information.

Wattle Flat is a small historic village near Sofala on the way to Bathurst. If travelling from Sofala, take the Bathurst Road for 6.7km from its junction with the Hill End Road. The old stone church building will be seen on the right hand or western side of the road and the cemetery is behind the church.

Wattle Flat Anglican Cemetery is the responsibility of the Anglican Diocese of Bathurst. For further information, contact the Diocesan Office, PO Box 23, Bathurst NSW 2795; phone: (02) 6331 1722; email: anglican@ix.net.au

16 Feb 2009

7 May 2004




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