Cemetery 90 - Stuart Town

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Stuart Town

Wallaroi Road,

Stuart Town





This cemetery contains monuments from the early 1870s when the settlement was known as Ironbarks. It is divided into three distinct portions, believed to be Catholic, Anglican and Presbyterian, but they are not designated in any way and Council was unable or unwilling to provide us with any information on its layout. There are no row markers. A feature of the cemetery is an unusually tall brick vault with a tall monument erected on its roof.

The broad open areas of the site had been mown at some stage but when we visited the cemetery, the areas in which the graves are located were untrimmed and infested with burrs, thistles and seeds that caused us a deal of discomfort. Broken glass was also prolific and presents a danger to visitors. The cemetery is fenced to exclude livestock and native fauna but has no amenities. Unfortunately, there is some evidence of vandalism in a number of fallen broken stones.

Jean and I visited the cemetery on two occasions in November 2002. We made digital images and took notes of all visible inscriptions. In compiling the list of inscriptions, we also referred to the NSW indexes of births, deaths and marriages for further information.

To reach Stuart Town from Wellington, take the Mitchell Highway east for 4 km and turn north into Burrendong Road. After a further 16.6 km the Stuart Town road forks right. From there it is 19km to Wallaroi Road, about 1km short of the township of Stuart Town.

Stuart Town General Cemetery is administered by the Wellington Shire Council. Contact Council at PO Box 62 Wellington NSW 2820 (email: mail@wellington.nsw.gov.au).

1 Feb 2006

12 Nov 2002




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