Cemetery 9 - Capertee

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Castlereagh Highway,






Capertee Cemetery is around 100 years old, the earliest memorial we found being dated 1900. When we visited, the grounds were in neat and tidy condition with the grass cut. The denominational portions and rows are defined but they are not marked. There are no facilities.

This village cemetery suffered major desecration in July 1978 when vandals systematically removed every wooden marker and all the reservation and survey pegs. It was reported that they also stole every marble and granite flower receptacle, the council litter bins and even the cemetery gates. This act of vandalism and theft followed several years of restoration work by the local Council to reclaim the cemetery from its earlier wilderness state and caused a great deal of heartache amongst the families whose loved ones had been buried there.

Jean and I compiled this list from digital images that we made of every visible grave monument and from notes taken on site on 14 August 2002. We also consulted the NSW index of births, deaths and marriages for additional information.

Capertee is a village on the Castlereagh Highway 45km west of Lithgow. The cemetery is on the northern side of the highway approximately 3km west of the village.

The cemetery is administered by the City of Lithgow Council. For further information. contact council at PO Box 19 Lithgow NSW 2790; phone: 02 6354 9999; email: council@lithgow.nsw.gov.au

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14 Aug 2002




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