Cemetery 883 - Barham Memorial Park

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Barham Memorial Park

Barham Street,






Barham Street Cemetery is one of Lismore's earlier burial grounds. It appears to have commenced around 1870 and was closed in 1950. In 1980, it was converted to a Memorial Park when, with the exception of several large monuments, all the headstones were removed. Those that survived were then remounted closely in rows and on a wall at the rear of the old cemetery. The names of other persons known to be buried here or whose headstones did not survive the move were inscribed on three bronze plaques. Unfortunately, only the names without any further information at all are given, which is little credit to the Council that oversaw the conversion back in 1980.

The grounds are maintained in excellent condition by Lismore City Council. However, many stones and plaques, dating from as early as 1871, are now weather worn or covered with lichen, which makes their accurate transcription difficult. The close proximity of some monuments with inscriptions on their sides creates further difficulties for photography.

Sandra & Warren Cockbain visited the park and photographed all visible inscriptions during May 2013. Their pictures may be downloaded via the list of inscriptions for this cemetery. That list was compiled from Sandra's and Warren's images and with reference to the NSW indices of births, deaths and marriages for additional information.

Barham Memorial Park is in East Lismore. From the Bruxner Highway, head south on Wyrallah Road for 850m then turn right into Barham Street. The park is 180m from that intersection, on the right hand side of the street.

For further information, contact Lismore City Council at PO Box 23A, Lismore NSW 2480; phone 1300 87 83 87; email: council@lismore.nsw.gov.au


10 Jun 2013

5 May 2013




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