Cemetery 747 - Carlingford Anglican

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Carlingford Anglican

St Paul's Anglican

233 Marsden Road






Carlingford Anglican or St Paul's Anglican Cemetery is the burial site for many of the district's pioneers. It is long closed and has been gazetted with Heritage Listing as of 1997 (see URL below).
It was the cemetery for the St Paul's church, (1850) at Mobbs Hill, 300 metres North West of the Cemetery site. The Church site land, was a grant from the Mobbs' family, however the portion of granted land adjacent to the Church, was found unsuitable for burials due to it's shale content, so a further grant of suitable land was given to the Church by William Mobbs (1830-1879). This explains why the cemetery is so detached from the original St Paul's Church.

William Mobbs (1791-1851) was the first interred there. The headstones range from sandstone, through marble to granite. Many of the older stones have fallen and broken or been vandalised and others are so stained or eroded that their inscriptions are now very difficult to decipher.

It is understood that the new St Paul's Church, in Moseley St Carlingford, is responsible for the maintaining of this Cemetery. Volunteers, descendants, and occasional correctional facility work programs, contribute to contain the noxious weeds and the cemetery's decay.

Mowing and trimming had been done in a lot of the cemetery when it was surveyed for the Australian Cemeteries Index so thanks and congratulations to them!

Michael Brookhouse has spent some considerable time in photographing every visible inscription and listing them for this Index. The list of inscriptions has been compiled from Michael's images and with reference to the NSW indices of births, deaths and marriages and to the Australian War Memorial online military rolls for additional information.

The cemetery access easement is located at 233 Marsden Rd, 800 metres south-east of its junction with Pennant Hills Road adjacent to the Swanes' Nursery car park . There is no cemetery signage, or entry gating. It is also pedestrian accessible via Simpson's Reserve, in Kay St off Tomah St Carlingford.


7 Sep 2020

7 Sep 2020




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