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Maffra-Sale Rd






There are no records to indicate when the cemetery was first used, although some records suggest it was as early as 1852. The earliest marked grave is that of William Wood, who died in 1855. The cemetery was first gazetted in 1857 when an area of 11 acres, 3 roods and 35 perches was set apart for use as a cemetery by order of the Governor in Council. An additional area was gazetted in 1866. The first meetings were held at the courthouse. Records were maintained from 1861 however they are very sketchy until approximately 1874.
The Sale Cemetery is located in the Gippsland town of Sale, Victoria, Australia.Records only began in 1866 and are incomplete until 1874. Early burials include that of explorers, pioneers, landholders and businessmen. There is also a War Cemetery for mostly RAAF personnel.




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