Cemetery 5272 - Portland Old

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Portland Old

North Portland

Henty Hwy






The Old Portland Cemetery is one of Victoria's earliest and most significant burial places,

The first burial was in October 1844 when the Reverend James Yelverton Wilson officiated at the funeral of his infant daughter.

The cemetery at North Portland was the settlement's only cemetery until 1863, when a new cemetery was established on the towns southern boundary. By this time the original cemetery was nearly full, prone to water-logging in winter and sections were on limestone and unsuitable for burials.

Over the years, around 2000 people were buried at the Old Portland Cemetery. The names of some 1800 of them are recorded on the display board at the cemetery. There were approximately 90 headstones in the cemetery and they make reference to some 150 people.As well there are ten or so anonymous stone enclosures or monuments. The Old Portland Cemetery is very “informative”. it tells us much about our history, our values, customs, life expectancy and suchlike. There is a rich and varied array of stone memorials. Some were made of stone that lasted the test of time. others less so.

This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Victoria and the final resting place of many of Portland's pioneers. Significant personalities buried here include Captain James Fawthrop, James Trangmar and William Rosevear



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