Cemetery 52 - Louisa Creek

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Louisa Creek

Hargraves Pioneer

beyond Merinda Street






The original cemetery on the Louisa Creek goldfield is now very isolated and has been subjected to a lot of vandalism. We could find only seven stones still standing and one fallen. These are dated between 1856 and 1889. They include a memorial for Sophia Monies who was murdered at Avisford by her cook in 1861.

Without doubt, there are many unmarked graves. There is no fencing and the bush has regained control of the area with a heavy infestation of blackberries. We were unable to determine who, if anyone, now has control of the site. What little remains is obviously in imminent danger of extinction.

Reg and Jean McDonell made digital images and took notes of all the visible stones in the cemetery on 1 September 2002. They also referred to the NSW BDM indexes to clarify some names and dates and are indebted to Sue Lopes for sharing her research into the death of Sophia Monies.

From the village of Hargraves, drive north between the public school and Anglican Church to the end of Merinda Street. The cemetery lies in bush about 400 metres further along a rough track. Unless you are driving a 4WD vehicle, you will have to walk this last bit. Care should be taken to avoid the many old mine shafts left over from the gold mining days.

19 Jul 2007

1 Sep 2002




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