Cemetery 4466 - Pisa Anglican Church

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Pisa Anglican Church

St Mark's Lake River

3979 Macquarie Rd






In 1864 the church at Pisa in the Lake River district was built on land donated by John Gatenby. In 1846 Gatenby purchased the original 5000 acre land grant made to William Young in 1822. The name “Pisa” is derived from the term for pressed earth and straw called 'pise' which Young used to build a house on the property. The Gatenby's were to become one of the leading 'pioneer' farming families in Tasmania, establishing landmark properties across the Midlands.

The church of St Mark's at Pisa was consecrated in 1865 by Bishop Charles Bromby and formed part of the Anglican parish of Cressy. It is unusual that such a small church in an underpopulated region has survived where many others have closed. Its function as a school during weekdays for a long period is probably one reason it has survived but the support it received from soldier settlers and their descendants from the Macquarie Settlement has sustained it.

Frank Rigney records ongoing community support for the church in maintaining it and even saving it from potential disaster. In 'A Midlands Odyssey' he records that because the church is in a very exposed position, it had to withstand strong winds in stormy weather. Noticeable movement of the walls became an issue and consequently the building was braced with interior ties to dampen the movement.

The small cemetery at Pisa is a reminder of the prominent families that settled and developed the Lake River area. These include the Lawrence family of 'Formosa' and 'Billop' ; the O' Connor's of 'Connorville' and 'Benham', the Gatenby family of 'Pisa' and 'Creekton'; the Fletcher's of 'Talentyre'; the Whitfeld's of 'Fairfield and the Parkers of Parknook.


Approximately 50km south of Launceston via Longford and Cressy




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