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Gardens Road






Darwin's Garden Road Cemetery, now heritage listed, was in use as Darwin's main cemetery from the time it opened in 1919 until 1970. It reflects the cosmopolitan nature of the city and, in particular, provides a snapshot of wartime Darwin. Many buried here died during World War 2, some killed in air raids. Burials included a number of service men from the Australian forces and several US Navy personnel. The remains of the Americans were exhumed and repatriated in 1942 and the Australians removed to the Adelaide River War Cemetery in 1944.

Only about one third of the graves in the cemetery are identified by inscriptions. A number of the monuments are inscribed only in Japanese or Chinese and it has not been possible to link all of these with the individual records of the cemetery.

We acknowledge with thanks the detailed information and images that have been supplied for the Gardens Road Cemetery by John Richards, Manager, Reference Services, Northern Territory Library, Darwin. John says that the list of burials he has forwarded was originally based on the cemetery register published in "A Place to Rest". He has corrected what errors he could in that publication and has rectified a number of omissions. John also provided several obits from the NT News and the annotations from "A Place to Rest" in relation to many individual graves.

It should be noted that, as the list is based on the cemetery register, dates shown (except where there is a legible inscription or a military record) record the date of burial, not death. The cemetery images may be downloaded from the list of inscriptions for this cemetery. The Australian War Memorial online military rolls were consulted for additional data when compiling that list.

Gardens Road Cemetery is administered by the Darwin City Council. For further information, contact Council at GPO Box 84 Darwin, NT 0801; phone: 08 8980 3655; email: darwin@darwin.nt.gov.au

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