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Lot 1 Darjeeling Road






Walcha cemetery is a non denominational cemetery with a columbarium and was photographed on the 19th and 20th of December 2015. The earliest headstone seems to be from 1859 and the cemetery is still open to new burials. The older graves are found at the front of the cemetery, with the newer graves towards the middle and back of the cemetery. Nat Buchanan, a famous pioneer drover is buried here, with multiple signs pointing to his grave and a special plaque which features his achievements. There is also an Aboriginal memorial to indigenous persons who are buried in unmarked graves at the back of the cemetery, and a portion where indigenous persons who have died recently are buried. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are warned to use caution while viewing these images, as some contain pictures of deceased people.

The photographer noticed that Walcha seemed to have an usually high proportion of males who served in the defence force. As far as amenities go, there is a water tank on site (as it is important for indigenous people to have a place of water at burial sites), there is a small sheltered area where the water tank is and some seating around various parts of the cemetery.

The cemetery is kept in good condition by the local council. The majority of the graves are in good condition, some of the older graves are either obviously missing altogether or are illegible but most are looking well for their age.

From Thunderbolt's way, approximately 1km north of the town is the turnoff to the cemetery (Darjeeling Road). Follow signs to Nat Buchanan's grave. The cemetery is about 1km along Darjeeling road on the right hand side.

Walcha Council. For enquiries contact the Engineering department on 02 6774 2515.

20 Dec 2015




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