Cemetery 2158 - Thomas Shadforth Memorial

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Thomas Shadforth Memorial

Greendale Rd






The Pioneers Monument was originally erected over the Shadforth family crypt at the St. Marks Church, Greendale and was moved in 1980 to this location by the council as a tribute to the pioneers of the district.

Greendale settlement between 1815 and 1869 was a thriving community of 200 people, mostly working on 10 and 25 acre farms. However, the outbreak of wheat rust between 1836 and 1861 caused many farmers to leave the district. During the early 20th century the village gradually declined, the bakery and slaughterhouse closed by 1907, the post office in 1915 and the school in 1925.

The Shadforth family were prominent pioneer settlers in the area. Thomas Shadforth, a veteran of the Peninsular Campaign of the Napoleonic Wars settled the west bank of the Nepean River at "Ravenswood", near Wallacia in 1831. This property still exists although the house itself is now derelict. The monument originally marked the family burials in the former St Mark`s Church Cemetery at Greendale . Following private purchase of the church and subsequent conversion of the cemetery, the monument was transferred to its present location north of the cemetery. [Taken from Monument Australia website]



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