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All of the burials in this cemetery were moved to Rookwood in 1926/7 and are listed under Rookwood Catholic cemetery.

The cemetery, which no longer exists, was located at the present site of the parish of St Thomas of Canterbury together with the Christian Brothers School, and former LCM Hospital at Lewisham. The Cemetery was opened in May 1865 because the Catholic Cemetery in Devonshire Street known as the Sandhills Cemetery was full and then subsequently closed in 1888.

In 1852 Archbishop Polding had brought 12 acres and 5 perches of land at Petersham. By January 1865 the Archbishop had set aside part of this property for use as a cemetery.

A strip of this land was resumed in 1891 for the widening of the railway line. In 1925 another resumption of land occurred to increase the number of tracks to six.

In 1885 the cemetery closed to any new burials although up until 1905 some families added relatives to existing graves. All remains of all persons buried with all slabs and tombstones were removed from Petersham Cemetery to Rookwood Cemetery or Bunnerong (Botany) Cemetery in 1926/1927.

Many of the pioneer priests were buried in this Petersham Cemetery best known is the first Archbishop of Sydney who died in May 1877 aged 83 years old. In 1901 his remains were transported to a vault beneath the floor of St Mary’s Cathedral and in 1946 these were moved again to the newly completed crypt of the Cathedral.



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