Cemetery 192 - Rutherford

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Rutherford Cemetery data has been supplied by Roma Waldron who originally listed all inscriptions in 1990. At that time, the Maitland City Council kindly provided details of many other graves that were not marked. In July 2003, Robert Tozer made digital images of the inscriptions. This posting is a combination of material from all three sources.

Entries on the inscription list that have been endorsed "unmarked" are graves the particulars of which have come from Council records or graves whose headstone or marker was listed in 1990 but not found in 2003. An attempt has been made to look up all such entries on the NSW BDM indexes but quite a number of them were either not found, were found to be misspelled, or the dates of death quoted varied from dates on the index. For these reasons, the particulars quoted for unmarked graves should be regarded with some reservation.

Digital images of the inscriptions (where available) may be viewed and downloaded from the list of inscriptions for this cemetery.

Rutherford Cemetery is administered by the Maitland City Council. Contact Council at PO Box 220, Maitland NSW 2320; phone: 02 4934 9700; email: mcc@maitland.nsw.gov.au


29 Dec 2006

31 Jul 2003




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