Cemetery 189 - Macquarie Plains Methodist

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Macquarie Plains Methodist

O'Connell Road,






The Macquarie Plains Methodist cemetery has been disused for many years. The few headstones bear inscriptions dating from the 1830s to 1900. It occupies a narrow site that probably once was an early churchyard and the only access to it is through the adjoining property. The site has been grazed during the present drought. Several of the stones have been repaired or re-erected after falling or being knocked over at some stage. Two of the sandstone monuments have been eroded by rising salt near ground level rendering the lower text unreadable but others are in surprisingly good condition for their age.

Jean and I visited the cemetery on 9 November 2006 and noted and made digital images of every visible inscription. When compiling the inscription list, we also referred to the NSW indexes of births, deaths and marriages and to the Methodist early church records to help identify several of those commemorated here.

We would like to express our thanks to Geoff Davies, a descendant of the Nash family who lived in this district during the 19th century, for information on several of the persons buried here. He comments that the cemetery was the Children's Cemetery of the 1876 scarlet fever epidemic, many of whom ended up in unmarked graves.

The cemetery is located close by the O'Connell Road, on its western side, 6km north of O'Connell heading towards Bathurst. It is within the Bathurst Regional Council boundary.

12 May 2007

9 Nov 2006




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