Cemetery 188 - Isabella

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Isabella Road,






This small cemetery began as a private cemetery for the Stapleton family on their property "Woodford" at Isabella. The site has now been transferred to the Oberon Shire Council, who are responsible for its upkeep, and is in use as a general cemetery. However, there is no indication of any denominational portions.

Jean and I visited the site in November 2006 and found it well fenced and in good order with the grass cut. The monuments are erect and there is no evidence of vandalism. Inscriptions are dated from 1890 to the present day.

We noted and made digital images of all visible inscriptions and, in compiling the inscription list, also referred to the NSW indexes of births, deaths and marriages for further information.

Isabella Cemetery is 8.2 km from the northern end of Isabella Road and 1.8km from its southern end at Connection Road. It is located on the property "Woodford" and is signposted. The cemetery is accessed via a short road through private property so it is important to observe the request to close gates behind you.

The cemetery is administered by the Oberon Shire Council. Contact Council at 137-139 Oberon Street (PO Box 84), Oberon NSW 2787; phone: 02 6336 1100; email: mailto:council@oberon.nsw.gov.au


21 Dec 2006

9 Nov 2006




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