Cemetery 184 - Porters Retreat

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Porters Retreat

Abercrombie Road,

Porters Retreat





Like all the cemeteries administered by Oberon Shire Council, we found the little Porters Retreat Cemetery well maintained, with lawns mown and weeds controlled. The site is divided into three denominational portions - Roman Catholic, Anglican and Presbyterian.

Inscriptions date from 1898. The monuments are generally in good condition but the marble used in some of them has shown extreme weathering with the result that some details are now very difficult to read. Several stones have fallen and broken or disintegrated.

Jean and I visited the cemetery on 9 November 2006 and made digital images and notes of every visible inscription. The images may be viewed and download from the list of inscriptions for this cemetery. In compiling the inscription list, additional information was obtained by reference to the NSW indexes of births, deaths and marriages.

Porters Retreat is a locality approximately 42km south of Oberon on the road to Goulburn. The cemetery is on the eastern or left hand side of the road heading south and is partly obscured from the road by trees.

The cemetery is administered by the Oberon Shire Council. Contact Council at 137-139 Oberon Street (PO Box 84), Oberon NSW 2787; phone: 02 6336 1100; email: mailto:council@oberon.nsw.gov.au


5 Dec 2006

9 Nov 2006




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