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Burraga General Cemetery occupies quite a large rectangular area with two groups of graves clustered in the far left and right hand corners. There are three portions - Catholic on the right hand side and Anglican and Presbyterian on the left. There is only one inscription in the Presbyterian portion. The portions are not marked.

The cemetery appears to have been in use for less than 100 years. The earliest date we found on any headstone was 1910. There is a considerable number of temporary markers, many of a type we have not found elsewhere that, although substantial, are so lightly engraved as to be extremely difficult to read. The grounds were in reasonable condition with grass cut but the site is sloping, rough and uneven and almost totally devoid of shade. It probably carries a lot of run-off down the centre of the site in wet weather which may explain the wide separation of the portions.

We visited the cemetery on 9 November 2006 and noted and made digital images of every visible inscriptions. These may be viewed and downloaded from the list of inscriptions for this cemetery. In compiling the list of inscriptions, we also consulted the NSW indexes of births, deaths and marriages and military records for additional information.

Burraga is a village south of Rockley and south-west of Oberon. The cemetery is on Burraga Road, 3.2km NW of Burraga.

The cemetery is administered by the Oberon Shire Council. For further information, contact Council at 137-139 Oberon Street (PO Box 84), Oberon NSW 2787; phone: 02 6336 1100; email: mailto:council@oberon.nsw.gov.au


2 Feb 2009

9 Nov 2006




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