Cemetery 1721 - Luddenham Uniting Church

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Luddenham Uniting Church

The Northern Rd






Completed in 1886, the building is a unique example of an extant former Primitive Methodist Church in the LGA and demonstrates the development of a village at Luddenham in the late nineteenth century and the commencement of the provision of community services. The building is a good example of a rural church of the late nineteenth century retaining a form and detailing which provides insight into this type of building of the era, and its rural setting atop a rise on The Northern Road. The building continues in use as a Uniting Church and is one of a number of structures in Luddenham village erected over the nineteenth century and early part of the twentieth century that demonstrates the pattern of a village settlement at this important location on The Northern Road. This building is one of a contiguous group of three church related buildings. The cemetery is an important element within the Luddenham Village Centre, illustrating the development of the village in the 1870s - 80s.




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