Cemetery 17 - Coonabarabran

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Dalgarno Street,






The inscriptions in this cemetery date from 1870 and include a number of old sandstone monuments, most of which are in surprisingly good condition and very legible. However, the bulk of stones are of marble and granite. Several of the older marble monuments are quite intricate and are fine examples of the masons' art.

Although a number of stones have fallen or been vandalised at some time, the incidence of these is comparatively low. There are many unmarked graves and old difficult-to-read or illegible temporary markers. Unfortunately, there are no signs to indicate portions and row markers were found in one small portion only. A large proportion of the graves are obviously Roman Catholic due, no doubt, to the existence of a separate large Anglican cemetery nearby.

The site is in tidy condition, with little broken glass. Weeds are controlled by the use of herbicides so there is no grass to soften the appearance of the grounds. There is no internal car park and neither seating nor amenities are provided.

We visited the cemetery on 16 November 2005 and made digital images and notes of all visible inscriptions. In compiling the attached list, we also referred to the NSW indexes of births, deaths and marriages and to the World War 1 and World War 2 Nominal Rolls for additional information.

From the clock tower in the centre of Coonabarabran's shopping centre, turn east into Dalgarno Street and drive for 1.2km. The cemetery lane is on the right hand side of the road and is signposted.

The cemetery is administered and maintained by the Warrumbungle Shire Council. Contact Council at PO Box 191, Coonabarabran NSW 2357; phone 02 6849 2000; email: info@warrumbungle.nsw.gov.au

1 Jan 2006

16 Nov 2005




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