Cemetery 1636 - Kameruka

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off Candelo-Bega Rd






Historic cheese town in the verdant valley between Candelo and Bega. There was a time when Kameruka was a thriving community driven by the fame of Kameruka cheese (now produced in Bega) and the elegance of both the Kameruka Homestead and the solitary grace of the Holy Trinity Church. Today it is a tiny village on Candelo Creek between Candelo and Bega. It is claimed that "kameruka" is a Yuin word for "wait until I return". The Tooth family have been described as Edmund Blacket's "great Sydney patrons". It was therefore quite natural that they would employ him to design a church for the Kameruka estate. Holy Trinity Church was consecrated in 1869. It is an impressive church which was effectively a private church for the Tooth family. The church's most impressive feature is its high-pitched roof. It contains memorials to the Tooth family and members of the family are buried in the cemetery which can be found behind the building. The high clock tower and gatehouse were erected in 1911. There is a war memorial to the local people who died in the World Wars near the church.

Kameruka is located 443 km south of Sydney via the Princes Highway; 497 km via the Hume Highway, Canberra and Cooma; and 21 km south-west of Bega.



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