Cemetery 1611 - Regentville

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Sir John Jamison Catholic

Lilac Place






This cemetery is located on the south end of Lilac Place Jamisontown. The cemetery originally stood on a small hill with panoramic views across the Regentville estate. During the 1980's it was surrounded by residential development. Sir John Jamison gave a small section of his estate for use as a burial ground by Irish Catholic convicts and workers on his estate. The cemetery dates from the 1830's with the last burial being in 1967. Nepean Family History Society transcribed this cemetery in 1994.

Jamisontown, New South Wales, Australia is located on the eastern side of the Nepean River, bounded on the south by the M4 Motorway, and the north by Jamison Road. York Road is the eastern boundary. Jamisontown is a diverse and changing suburb.



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