Cemetery 1555 - St David's Uniting Church

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St David's Uniting Church


Dalhousie St






Built in Haberfield, before it was Dobroyd Point, back when it was Dobroyde.

St David's church building dates back to 1869, after the Ramsay family donated the land for a Presbyterian school and church. The whole St David's property is classified by the National Trust of Australia (N.S.W.) There are four components that were part of the original Ramsay family conception of a Presbyterian community – Burial Ground, Hall (originally the School), Church and Manse.

Private burial ground for the Ramsay family adjacent to St David's church. It is the last surviving burial ground in Sydney which is accessible to the public, and is still used by the extended family. It is listed on the State Heritage Register.

Listings compiled using Belinda Cohen's list as per URL below, Trove, SMH and Ancestry. Complete as at 9-7-2019.

Esma Hannah



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