Cemetery 1522 - Greendale Uniting Church

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Greendale Uniting Church

Lot 58 Carnells Ln






'Greendale', named after the property of James Bush, who donated the ground for the Church and Cemetery, was referred to as Jerrawa or Jerrawa Creek, so as not to confuse it with the Primitive Methodist Church at Greendale, a village near Camden.

The Church was opened in 1862, and apparently replaced an earlier and more modest place of worship. The earlier days of Greendale are not recorded, but it is noted that when the Rev. W Colley arrived in Goulburn in 1856, Mr & Mrs John Waters, already residing at Jerrawa (Greendale) and worshiping with the Wesleyans, induced Mr Colley to visit the place and commence services. Probably this was held in the home of Mr & Mrs Waters and it may have been that within a year or two of that date a humble place of worship was built. It is known that there was a place worship prior to the church being built in 1862.

A cemetery besides the church marks the rest place of many of the early pioneers. A comprehensive study was made of the cemetery by Rosalie Bush and printed in the book 'Jerrawa, a village that was' which also included a genealogy of the Bush families. [Taken in part from "Greendale Uniting Church" by Kevin Bush]



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