Cemetery 1389 - Dubbo Old

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Dubbo Old

Old Dubbo

Myall St / Cobborah Rd

Manera Heights





The Old Dubbo Cemetery opened in 1863. It is located to the west of St Mary's Primary School, bounded by Cobbora Road, Barden Avenue and Myall Street. Entry is via both Cobbora Road and Myall Street with the gates opening from sunrise to sunset every day. Foot access from Barden St. Ashes may be interred with burial sites, however permission from the family is required.

In 1967, Council successfully negotiated with the Crown Lands Department to cease cemetery activities at this site and to create a New Dubbo Lawn Cemetery on Cobbora Road. This decision was made on the basis that the Dubbo residential area was expanding to the east and that the land would be more appropriately used for the urban expansion rather than as a cemetery.

One of the additional problems encountered at the Old Dubbo Cemetery was the presence of rock bands, which made digging graves very difficult and at times impossible. This was another reason for the cessation of the cemetery and the creation of the New Dubbo Cemetery. Only people with prior reservations have been buried in the Old Dubbo Cemetery since 1967.

Prior to 9 November 1962, the Cemetery was controlled by the various religious denominations and includes the following sections:
R1 Presbyterian/Methodist
R2 Church of England
R3A Roman Catholic
R3B Roman Catholic
R4A Presbyterian
R4B General
L1 Presbyterian
L2A Church of England
L2B Church of England
L2C Church of England
L3A Roman Catholic
L3B Roman Catholic
L4A Methodist
L4B Roman Catholic

Unfortunately the records of burials at the Cemetery are incomplete with some records lost or destroyed prior to Council's trusteeship. The loss of records makes it difficult to trace lost friends or relatives.

A Wall of Memories was erected in 2001/2002 so relatives or friends can place plaques on the wall for loved ones buried in the Old Dubbo Cemetery in unmarked graves.




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