Cemetery 1217 - Campbelltown Presbyterian

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Campbelltown Presbyterian

St Davids

cnr Broughton St & Moore Oxley Bypass






The Presbyterian Cemetery was originally a gift made to St. David's Presbyterian Church by Alexander McDonald, most likely in the 1830s. The deaths of his two children Jane and William are the earliest deaths shown on a monument in the cemetery. Alexander's own death was in 1847.

There are 177 monuments in the cemetery recording the deaths of about 326 persons. The cemetery has some notable Campbelltown names that rest there. These include:

John Kidd - owner of Blair Athol. He was an MLA for Camden in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Thomas Swann - well known photographer from Wedderburn.
Percy Marlow - member of Campbelltown Council from 1926-56 including mayor for 3 separate terms.
Samuel Bursill - mayor of Campbelltown 1909-1914.
James W. Kershler - mayor of Campbelltown 1930-1937.

In 1987 that portion of the cemetery lying adjacent to Moore Street was resumed to allow for widening of the road to become the Moore-Oxley Bypass. The Department of Main Roads compiled a register of all persons buried in the affected area and contacted those descendants who were able to be located. In March 1987, graves and/or memorial stones were moved to other locations within the cemetery or other cemeteries.

A total of 17 remains were exhumed and reinterred into another section. All but one of the 55 headstones were relocated to another section and they now stand in 4 rows in the north-west corner. These remains were left in their original burial place under the new road. [Copied from campbelltown-library.blogspot.com.au/2013/06/the-prebyterian-cemetery.html]

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